Ice Maker Troubleshooting – How to Fix Common Problems

Ice maker troubleshooting

Ice maker or ice machine is an increasingly popular device in many families because of the outstanding benefits that this product brings. However, using the machine correctly and how to quickly handle common errors in ice machines is not something everyone knows. This article will mention how an ice machine works, summarize the common errors and ways to handle the ice machine during use, along with analysis and experience from experts.  Ice maker troubleshooting can be easy if you have information about it.

How does the ice maker work?

The ice maker is a specialized device that works independently with the function of making small ice cubes quickly. Compared to the conventional ice making method in the refrigerator, the machine can create ice in large quantities in a short time.

The operation of the small ice maker is also different from the way of making ice in a refrigerator. Ice machine is a device equipped with modern technology with many different capacity levels. Small ice machines will meet the basic needs of households.

At a higher capacity level, industrial ice machines will serve the purpose of producing ice to preserve food.

Here is the operation small ice machine for home use.

  1. Water will be led through a coarse filter to remove impurities and residues before being transferred to the trough.
  2. A circulation pump will draw water through the flow pipe to the ice trays.
  3. Then, the cooling system will be activated to combine with the refrigerant to make the water frozen.
  4. When the required hardness is reached, the ice will be pushed out of the tray and dropped into the container below. The principle of small ice machines is quite similar.

However, each manufacturer has its own secrets to integrate different cooling technology on its products. This is an important factor determining the time to make ice.

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Ice maker troubleshooting – How to fix common problems

1. Automatically turn off or pause making ice

A common problem when using the ice machine is that it suddenly turns off or stops while making ice. Many users complain that their ice maker keeps turning off automatically while the activity indicator light is on. This problem can be caused by one of the following reasons:

Engine pressure problem

When the pressure of the ice maker is pushed too high above the standard limit, the pressure relay will jump continuously. The reason can be the lock valve of the ice machine is not tightened, resulting in the amount of bomb water entering the tank exceeding the allowable level, making the condenser dirty and damaged.

In this situation, you only need to clean the condenser and the cooling system by using a damp cloth to remove any condensate gently. Then the machine can operate normally.

Compressor overloaded

When the compressor is overloaded, the thermal relay will alert you. If the overloaded compressor operates for a long time, this will cause the ice maker to automatically shut down to protect the machine’s safety and avoid fire and explosion problems.

When this happens, users must check the electrical system and signal lines for regular operation or damage for timely handling.

Silonn Ice Makers Countertop, 26lbs
Silonn Ice Makers Countertop, 26lbs

2. The ice machine doesn’t turn off

The ice maker that doesn’t turn off is a complex problem. You need to understand the problem and what is the cause.

The ice maker doesn’t turn off mainly because the wiring or the connection wires are faulty. If there is a problem with the connection of the ice maker, your machine will not be able to respond when you want to turn it off. In this case, you can repair or replace the damaged wire to fix it.

Alternatively, the problem could also be due to some other internal part of the ice maker that causes it to produce new ice without stopping continuously. You will need to repair or replace the damaged part. However, it should be noted that some manufacturers do not release replacement parts for their ice machines, so you can only repair or replace the part from another manufacturer or purchase a new ice machine.

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It is best in this case to seek guidance from qualified technicians to avoid having to buy a new ice maker.

3. Ice maker doesn’t make ice

This is a severe problem that detracts from the intended use of the ice machine. Many different factors can cause this problem.

You should first check the on/off control of the ice maker. Make sure your ice maker is on and see if there is the power to the machine. If the device is on, but it still doesn’t make ice, the problem will be in the water inlet valve.

The water valve is the place to supply water to the ice machine; without tap water, it will not be able to freeze the water to make ice. This is a standard error. If the problem is in the water valve, you can check and adjust the water valve, water pipe, and solenoid.

If the problem lies in the internal components of the ice maker, it is complicated to detect and repair. Therefore, when you have tried the above parts and still can’t fix them, you should enlist the help of a technician to solve them.


Frigidaire Ice Maker Machine - SELF CLEANING - Makes 26lbs
Frigidaire Ice Maker Machine – SELF CLEANING – Makes 26lbs


4. Ice does not run out

The ice machine works by drawing water in and filling the ice mold, freezing the water into ice, and pushing the ice out when frozen. There may be a break in some parts that prevents your ice maker from ejecting ice.

Usually, the cause will be your engine assembly not working. The motor is the part that helps push the ice out of the mold and into the ice bucket. Therefore, when your motor has a problem, you can fix it by replacing the motor module with a new one.

5. Leaking water pipes

The water line is an essential factor in deciding the quality of the output ice. If the water line is clogged or leaking, your ice won’t form. Moreover, if the water pipe is sedimented, it will lead to ice with strange colors and odors. In particular, a water leak will cause your water bill to rise, and it’s easy for insects to enter your water pipes and become your ice accidentally. Furthermore, excessive water leakage also leads to the freezing of the internal components of the ice maker.

In addition, you need to clean the ice maker’s water purifier to avoid clogging the filter and produce quality, cleaner and healthier ice.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs
Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 26 lbs

How to prolong the lifespan of an ice machine

Right capacity

The need for ice cubes is different in each family. That’s why it is essential to choose the right capacity.

If your family needs lots of ice every day, you should not buy an ice machine with small capacity. Because the machine does not provide the required volume of ice. In addition, the life of the machine will decrease significantly when operating at excessive capacity for a long time. Therefore, you should choose the machine with the most appropriate ice output.

Properly use the ice maker

From the process of starting, operating and shutting down, all should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Only in this way can your unit’s ice machine products prolong their service life.

Regularly clean the ice maker

You should clean the ice machine once every 2 weeks. We need to:

  • Disassemble the parts of the machine for the most convenient cleaning.
  • Use a soft damp cloth in combination with specialized washing water to effectively clean the ice machine.
  • For simple stains, you can also replace the specialized cleaner with lemon juice to remove the stains in the machine.
  • After the cleaning is complete, it is necessary to let the machine rest for about 30 minutes.
  • Finally, assemble the parts of the machine again.
Regular cleaning of the ice machine helps to keep the finished ice at its best
Regular cleaning of the ice machine helps to keep the finished ice at its best

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The above article has shared experiences about ice maker troubleshooting. The demand for ice today is very high. Not only used for refreshment purposes, but ice is also present in production activities, eating and drinking, and daily activities.

Hope you can fix and prevent problems with your home ice machine problems.


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