Everything In Freezer Covered In Frost – Why And How You Can Prevent This Annoyance

Everything In Freezer Covered In Frost

Why is everything in freezer covered in frost? The causes depend on the freezer itself and how you use it. Internal and external factors can lead to its malfunction, and it’s unpleasant when you use the freezer for a long time.

Understanding how this situation affects your freezer will help you be aware of any early signal of frosting and how to effectively handle this issue without spending too much time and maintenance costs.

What Is Freezer Frost?

Your freezer suddenly full of frost when the inside evaporator coils contact the moisture. It’s the basic condition that makes your freezer frosted. Freezer frost is the accumulation of frozen moisture on your appliance’s internal walls and shelves.

Why Is Everything In Freezer Covered In Frost?

Damaged Door Seal

Cold Air Escapes From Broken Door Seals
Cold Air Escapes From Broken Door Seals

The freezer gasket plays a key role in cooling air inside and warming air outside. When you use your freezer for a long time, the gasket can be torn or damaged, causing fractures and allowing moisture to infiltrate the freezer.

Temperature disparity between moisture from external environments and the freezer creates frosting and ice crystals over the walls and food.

Malfunctioned Defrost Timer

The main function of a defrost timer is to manage the cooling and defrosting cycles of the freezer. The timer typically runs in predictable daily cycles to avoid evaporator coil frost buildup.

Unfortunately, defrost cycles are affected and fail to start correctly when a fault develops in the timer, leading to frost accumulation.

Open Freezer Door

Leaving the freezer door open increases the risk of warm air creeping into the freezer while cold air goes out. This careless action is commonly seen as sometimes you may think you’ve closed the door completely but still let it slightly open without awareness.

Malfunctioned Defrost Thermostat

A defrost thermostat monitors the operation of the evaporator coil temperature and the defrost heater’s mode (on and off). When the defrost thermostat is broken or faulty, the heater cannot receive the instructions. It fails to turn on, resulting in frost formation.

Malfunctioned Defrost Heater

A Faulty Defrost Heater Develop Freezer Frost
A Faulty Defrost Heater Develop Freezer Frost

A defrost heater is responsible for melting the frost on evaporator coils. If this part does not operate effectively due to malfunction, frosting will build up and accumulate inside the freezer.

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How To Stop Everything In Freezer Covered In Frost

Keep Door Closed

Shut The Freezer Door Properly
Shut The Freezer Door Properly

To avoid frost buildup, you should minimize the humidity inside your freezer as much as possible. The temperature within the appliance increases each time the freezer door is opened, making it difficult to maintain cold air to freeze food.

Always closing the door tightly after using it is the first way to reduce the risk of warm air coming into your freezer and preventing cold air from escaping.

Inspect Door Seal

By carefully tracing your palm over the exterior of the closed door, you can check for seal deterioration. If you detect any cold air escaping from your freezer, the seal may need to be changed.

Check The Temperature

A freezer thermometer to check the temperature is useful. It lets you know whether your freezer stays at an ideal temperature, which is typically 0°F. If the temperature is excessively cold or warm, you should contact a maintenance specialist to examine and fix errors.

Organize The Freezer

Arrange Your Food Tidily To Fit The Freezer Storage
Arrange Your Food Tidily To Fit The Freezer Storage

Organizing your freezer helps you find what you need much faster. When it’s tidy, all food and containers will not be in a mess, which allows you to open and shut your freezer properly.

Cool Food Before Storing

When you put hot food in your freezer, it will generate moisture. Therefore, you should let freshly cooked food cool down to remove humidity from the packaging before storing it in the freezer.

Dry Off Food Before Storing

After you buy frozen food from markets or groceries, it’s partly defrosted by the time you get home. Moisture had already started to form on the package at that time. To avoid frost formation, make sure to wipe off all water before putting food in the freezer.

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Keep Your Freezer Far From Other Heat Sources

Windows, doors, and other places frequently exposed to sunlight are not recommended for your freezer. These high heat sources can affect the heat function of the freezer in the long term, leading to temperature rise, even when the freezer still generates cold air inside.

So, keeping it away from the window and other hot areas is a way to prevent malfunction in freezer parts.

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Negative Impacts Of Freezer Frost

Cause Freezer Burn

When plenty of freezer frost accumulates inside your freezer, it will cover up all the food. Especially if your meat is not well wrapped in a bag or container, moisture from meat will contact air and develop ice crystals.

Freezer burn significantly affects food quality, changes coloration, and decreases nutrients and freshness. Consuming food with freezer burn is safe for your health, but it does not provide you with much energy due to a low level of nutrients, which are destroyed by thick layers of ice crystals.

Even when some of your ingredients’ quality is not affected by freezer burn, their taste is no longer delicious.

Decrease Freezer Storage Space

Thick layers of freezer frost can reduce the storage space of your freezer, so you have found it difficult to store your items since the first time you brought the appliance home. It’s a huge waste if you cannot use your freezer space to preserve food and other fresh ingredients.

Less space also influences how your freezer cools the food as freezer frost builds up on walls and prevents food from contacting cold air.

Cause Disgusting Odor

Freezer Burn Causes An Awful Smell
Freezer Burn Causes An Awful Smell

Freezer frost can degrade food quality and emit an unpleasant odor to your appliance. This happens when frozen food gets freezer-burned and adjusts its coloration and flavor. Sometimes, the smell is too strong, so it sticks in your freezer constantly.

Cause Damage To Appliances

Undoubtedly, freezer frost obstructs the operation of your freezer and reduces its life expectancy. Its efficiency is also weakened, and your appliance will often experience errors while running. If you don’t recognize the problem early, it will soon malfunction and cause more inconveniences.

How To Prevent Freezer Frost On Food

Keeping Food In Bags Prevent Freezer Frost
Keeping Food In Bags Prevent Freezer Frost

You’ve probably experienced food in freezer covered in frost many times and always wonder how to deal with this issue. The most crucial way to avoid food frosting is to wrap the food tightly in a freezer-safe container, moisture-proof box, or Ziploc. You should not put your food directly in the freezer without sealing it.

Remember, when your food cools down, the condensation normally happens, leaving ice crystals and frost on it. Sealing the food before storing it is the first and best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Freezer Burn vs Ice Crystals Different?

When you see ice crystals fully cover your frozen food, it’s obvious that the freezer burn is starting. Freezer burn happens when moisture in your food dries out and contacts low temperatures, leading to ice crystals formation on the surface.

Freezer burn changes the coloration and quality of all kinds of meat, while ice crystals do not affect seafood quality.

Does Vacuum Sealing Prevent Freezer Burn?

By removing all the extra air from the bag, vacuum sealing is considered the most effective way to avoid freezer burn. This tip is also used to season or marinate meats before sealing, which allows you to cook or thaw the meat directly with or without the bag.

How To Get Rid Of Freezer Burn Taste

The best technique to cover up the disgusting flavor of freezer burn is to put something with strong natural smells in the freezer. You can add spices, herbs, vegetables, and chicken broth to your stew and store it in the freezer. Many layers of smell will soon spread over your freezer, removing the unpleasant freezer-burn taste.

You should keep the freezer clean to reduce the odor of freezer burn. Using household cleaning liquids regularly is also helpful and prevents the smell of food.

Is It Safe To Eat Frozen Food With Ice Crystals?

It’s better not to consume frozen food with ice crystals on. You should toss it as it can contain harmful bacteria growing effectively at low temperatures.

However, with only a small amount of ice crystals, you can rub them and normally cook with more seasonings to reduce the unpleasant odor from icing.


Everything in freezer covered in frost because of the accumulation of frozen moisture inside the walls and shelves. Many internal and external factors cause freezer frost, such as a torn door seal, open door, faulty defrost timer, thermostat, and heater. These are common causes besides a wide variety of other elements.

To prevent this issue, you should pay attention to the door seal, close the door carefully, arrange your freezer space, and check its functions. Long-term frost can harm your freezer terribly, so applying these solutions will assist it in operating efficiently and and durably.


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