How to Put Pictures on the Samsung Smart Refrigerator

How to Put Pictures on Samsung Fridge

The newly launched Samsung smart refrigerator has a display feature similar to a smartphone. You can download your favorite photo and set it as wallpaper easily in the kitchen. This is what makes many people love Samsung’s smart refrigerators today. Follow the following article to know how to put pictures on the Samsung fridge.

A brief overview of the history of Samsung refrigerator development

Having a strong history of formation and development, Samsung is currently one of the largest technology corporations in Korea, one of the top electronic brands in the world. Samsung provides the market with many different product lines of refrigeration and consumer electronics such as phones, washing machines, televisions, printers, etc. In which, the highlight is the Samsung refrigerator product line – appliances that appear in the market and many families around the world.

After its birth, electronics in general and the Samsung refrigerator product line have won the trust of many customers. A recent survey showed that more than 50 out of 100 households have been using Samsung electronic products.

New generation refrigerator – Samsung Family Hub

In the early days of 2020, Samsung surprised the technology world when it launched a line of smart refrigerators, combined with outstanding AI (Artificial Intelligence) features. The Family Hub 2020 refrigerator version is really a big hit in the technology village. It helps users to save quite a bit of time in the process of controlling and preparing ingredients with built-in superior technology features.

With a simple, sophisticated and modern design, this product line not only contributes to adorn your kitchen space, but also shows the sophistication and technology knowledge of the homeowner. The trendy recessed design, the surface made of high-quality stainless steel are also the factors that make the Samsung Family Hub perfect.

In addition to design, the modern features in Samsung Family Hub are the advantages that make this refrigerator dominate the market. Samsung Family Hub allows users to experience very modern and complete features, far beyond what ordinary refrigerators can provide. Specifically features: SmartThing, Smart View, View Inside, AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Samsung Family Hub – with the most intelligent features

Family Hub’s smart features are what kept people focused on it from the get-go. The large touch screen makes the refrigerator much more modern and convenient, including control with the virtual assistant Bixby, as well as custom applications to help users manage the use of the refrigerator more fruitful. Furthermore, the Family Board on Samsung Family Hub allows registered accounts to paste their own pictures or pin notes.

Moreover, users can quickly access features commonly found on smartphones, such as shopping list, calendar, weather widget.

Family Hub can be compared to “a tablet that stores food”. Its practical capabilities go far beyond. The three-camera system inside and the View Inside feature, which allows users to monitor the food that is inside through the screen or through the smartphone application, helps to limit energy consumption but still be able to observe inside.

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Family Hub can be compared to a tablet that stores food

The Samsung Family Hub can be compared to ”a tablet that stores food”

The ability to integrate with the Smarthome application is not limited, any smartphone can connect to the Samsung Family Hub regardless of the operating system. Uploading photos from your phone to your smart fridge is easy and fast in a matter of seconds.

How to set up a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

How to put or upload photos in Samsung refrigerator

If you take a picture of a photo you really like and want to put in the Samsung refrigerator, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the SmartThings app on your phone

2. Tap your fridge, then tap Upload photos and videos

3. Select the desired Photo

If prompted for <Allow Permissions> then allow access to the Photo Gallery.

4. Click Upload

5. The refrigerator will receive a notification on the screen. Tap the notification to view your photo or video.

You can use uploaded photos to set as your Home screen
You can use uploaded photos to set as your Home screen on a Samsung smart fridge

How to delete photos and videos

If your smart fridge has too many photos and you want to delete the ones you don’t like, don’t worry, the deletion operations are very easy, you can do it at any time.

  1. Select Apps on the Family Hub dashboard, then tap Collections
  2. Select the photo(s) you want to delete and tap Delete. To select multiple items, touch and hold the photo, then tap the photos you want to delete additionally.
  3. Click Delete again to confirm.

How to set wallpaper from your photo

At first, we likened the Family Hub to a tablet to be grounded. Because just like smart devices like mobile phones and tablets, you can choose the photos you like as the main screen, displayed in the center of the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

The specific steps are:

  1. Upload photos from your phone to Family Hub (as instructed above)
  2. Hold down an empty space on the Home screen, then select Image
  3. Confirm and complete setting as wallpaper

Important notes

Family Hub doesn’t allow uploading videos and photos at the same time. If you want to upload videos and photos to Family Hub, upload the portion of the photo you bookmarked first, then the video, or vice versa.

The number of photos that can be uploaded will be limited due to the size of the device. Choose the photos you really want, don’t over-download because it will waste space, leaving no room for other images.

Make sure the power is on while performing the above operations. Especially do not unplug from the electrical outlet during this process.

Follow the steps in order to avoid errors. It is very simple.


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