How to Add Pictures to Samsung Refrigerator from iPhone

How to add pictures to samsung refrigerator from iphone

Samsung refrigerators since its appearance up to now have been asserting its value in the refrigeration industry. Recently, the introduction of Samsung smart refrigerators has allowed users to use extremely modern smart gadgets. Among them is the ability to display right on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

A lot of people think that it is only possible to connect smart refrigerators with Android devices. In this article we will answer this question and tell you how to upload photos or add pictures to Samsung smart refrigerator from iPhone.

About Samsung

Samsung Group is a Korean multinational corporation with headquarters located in Samsung Town, Seoul. The group has many subsidiaries, most of which operate under the Samsung brand, and is the largest commercial group in Korea.

Participating in the electronics industry since the late 60s of the last century, this leading multinational corporation has really achieved a lot of success and affirmed its brand. Since the 90s, Samsung has operated on a global scale, focusing on electronics, refrigeration, mobile phones and semiconductors, contributing mainly to the group’s revenue.

One of the outstanding products of Samsung to mention is the refrigerator
One of the outstanding products of Samsung to mention is the refrigerator

Samsung refrigerator biography

Refrigerators were born in the years from the 60s to the 80s of the last century. Although the year of manufacture is unknown, we do know that during this period Samsung moved through the electronics industry and engaged in research and creation of electronic products. Until the early 80s, Samsung electronics company (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd) was born. Thus, the question of the year of production of Samsung refrigerators must have an answer.

Up to now, Samsung refrigerators have become a typical product representing the preferred brand of domestic and foreign consumers. It is one of the leading names in the global refrigerator distribution market.

With the trust of consumers, Samsung refrigerators must have many outstanding new technologies:

  • Classy contemporary design
  • Refrigeration technology updated according to the trend and modern
  • Long time to use, less outdated
  • Always innovating to launch modern and trending products

Especially recently, Samsung has launched a new generation of smart refrigerators. It can be said that this is a product that resonates and contributes to the refrigeration industry with new developments.

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Advantages of Samsung smart refrigerator

Let’s get acquainted with the outstanding features of Samsung’s new smart refrigerators through the information below:


Modern, high-tech, easy to coordinate colors. The outside of this refrigerator has a monolithic steel design with high durability. This is especially suitable in the kitchen because often cooking, so it is easy to stick to grease. This design will make it easy to clean & limit fingerprints. The smart refrigerator line will be integrated with a large-sized touch screen in the right cabinet, placed vertically, with wifi connection & a camera to observe the inside of the refrigerator. This is a line of smart refrigerators aimed at worldwide popularity.

SmartView feature

Samsung’s smart refrigerator has a large screen on the door combined with the Family Board feature, allowing family members to share music files and photos from mobile devices through this screen.

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View Inside feature

This function allows you to check the inside of the refrigerator without having to open the refrigerator again. With just 2 light touches, View Inside allows you to see what’s in the fridge. This helps the refrigerator minimize the loss of cold air.

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The Samsung smart refrigerator is modern and high-tech
The Samsung smart refrigerator is modern and high-tech

Is it possible to use iOS on a Samsung smart refrigerator?

This is probably the most frequently asked question by people who intend to buy Samsung smart refrigerators.

The answer depends on your refrigerator type. You can connect Samsung smart fridge to iPhone. But it must be noted before buying a refrigerator, you make sure that the refrigerator can work with iOS. Because not all smart refrigerators can be compatible with iPhones. One option you might consider is the Samsung Family Hub.

Smart refrigerator Samsung Family Hub, equipped with modern features, allows you to connect with an iPhone easily.

How to add photos to Samsung refrigerator from iPhone

If the photo or video has high definition, you can upload it to the Display of the Samsung smart refrigerator. However, remember to connect your phone to the refrigerator before performing the following steps:

  1. Open the SmartThings app on your phone.
  2. Tap your fridge, then tap Upload photos and videos.
  3. Select Photo or Video. If an access permission message is displayed, select Gallery or Google Photos. This step allows the necessary permissions to download the image. Please note: You can only select 1 file type, you cannot select photos and videos at the same time. Note this distinction.
  4. Click Upload images and videos then choose photos or videos to upload. Select the image or video you want and then tap Upload.
  5. Your smart refrigerator will receive a notification. Tap on the screen and select the notification item to view your photo or video.
  6. You can tap the screen to option items like Rotate, Play Slideshow, Add to Home, Details and Remove.

How to mirror content to a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Related questions

How to delete photos and videos from the Samsung Family Hub

If you want to delete photos or videos from the Samsung Family Hub, here are the steps:

  1. On the Family Hub panel, navigate to and tap Apps
  2. Tap Gallery
  3. Select your desired media item(s), and tap Delete. If you want to select many items, touch and hold a photo or video for a while, and then tap additional items.
  4. Touch Delete again to confirm. The items will be permanently removed from the smart Samsung Family Hub.

How to set a screen saver on Samsung smart fridge

  1. From the Home screen, touch Settings
  2. Touch Display
  3. Tab Screen saver
  4. Touch Duration to change how long the screensaver will display on Family Hub before it goes to sleep. Choose the desired wait time. For example, choose 5 minutes
  5. Touch Done
  6. To change the screen saver, touch Theme
  7. Select the screen saver you want
  8. Touch Done

To view your screen saver, touch Home and then wait for the screen saver to start.

How to change the wallpaper on your Samsung refrigerator

Let’s make the centerpiece of your kitchen, the Family Hub, be more vibrant by customizing wallpaper to the Home screen with the following steps.

  1. Navigate to and Open Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Tap Wallpaper
  4. Touch Picture or Color to select Home Screen Background
  5. Choose the Gallery Thumbnail under Picture to choose an image you like for your Gallery
  6. Finally tap Apply, once you have chosen your favorite wallpaper

You can apply another way:

  1. Tap Cover Screen to choose what will display when you wake up the panel
  2. Select from items like Weather, Album, Art, Color, or Clock Style to customize the screen. You can choose Random to shuffle your selections
  3. Tap Apply when you’re finished


Thus, above are detailed instructions for you to add pictures or upload photos to Samsung smart refrigerator from iPhone. This is an extremely convenient and very experienceable feature of the new generation of Samsung refrigerators.


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