How to Freeze Fresh Vidalia Onions? Simple Instruction for Good Preservation

how to freeze fresh vidalia onions

Vidalia onions are one of the most favorite onions on the current market, thanks to its special taste. With light sweet and more water contained, Vidalia onions are used for so many dishes to enhance their flavors. That’s why many housewives often buy a box of 5 or even 10 bulbs each time and store them for regular use. As we all know, our lovely fridge is a great helper to store food. In the case of Vidalia onions, it is really effective to help our fresh onions last up to 6 months with proper preservation. In this article, we will find out how to freeze fresh Vidalia onions to keep it fresh with original taste.

Should we freeze Vidalia onions?

Vidalia onions

First of all, let’s explore a bit about vidalia onions. This type of onion is named after the town where it was first planted in Georgia. The name “Vidalia onions” is exclusive. So, it will break the law if anyone calls onions growing outside south Georgia with that name.

Vidalia onions are sweeter than other onions. It also contains more water. That makes it have a special taste and is suitable for a range of dishes. And a special thing you should take note about this onion type is that it is too mild to make eyes tear up when slicing. Therefore, it’s so friendly to new cooks.

Freeze fresh Vidalia onions

So, should we freeze vidalia onions? It’s a common question of most housewives. In fact, you definitely can store vidalia onions in the freezer.

Low temperature is a great helper to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The lower the better. According to the recommendation from the farm, preservation time in the fridge veggie bin of Vidalia onions is up to 6 months. So, with a freezer, you can even store them longer. Don’t worry about nutrition, freezing keeps it stable.

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How to freeze fresh Vidalia onions?

Now we come to the most awaited section of this article. Freezing vidalia onions is exactly a good way to preserve it, but how do we do it right?

To answer, just follow these steps below:

1. Choose fresh and intact Vidalia onions

This is the most important step. To preserve well for months, your food firstly is in good conditions. Fresh vidalia onions have thin and luster outer skin with one color. When touching, it’s dry and firm. Avoid ones that have sprouted or bruised. Because they are old, harvested for a long time and may not be as sweet as the original taste. That will make your dishes less delicious.

2. Prepare before freezing

After picking out good vidalia onions from the market, you need to prepare some things for the best preservation.

Firstly, you should peel the outer skin and wash them with clean water. Because frozen onions are hard to slice or chop, you should do it before freezing and separate into small amounts for one time using. It is really helpful for fast cooking.

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When you need vidalias, you just open your freezer and remove the amount you need. So you can prepare plastic wrap, a baking sheet, zip bags for the freezer and a knife for the next steps.

Fresh vidalia onions need to be chopped before freezing
Fresh Vidalia onions need to be chopped before freezing

3. Chop and freeze Vidalia onions

  • Chop these onions into your desired size. It’s up to your cooking habit.
  • Spread chopped onions on a baking sheet. Note to keep a bit of distance between them on the sheet for the best freezing. That makes a thin layer to be frozen faster.
  • Use plastic wrap to cover chopped onions on the sheet. That will prevent moist ambient air causing freezer burn on your onions.
  • In case you have a lot of onion for a layer, continue to spread other ones on the plastic wrap of the first layer in the same way. Then put them in the freezer.
  • When these onions are all frozen, you can divide them into small portions, about 1 or 2 cups, and store them in small zip bags. The next time you cook, you just get one of them from the freezer and use frozen onions at one time.


What are the Vidalia onions best used for?

They can be best used for onion rings and dishes in:

  • Raw preparations such as salads, burgers, or sandwiches
  • Grilling
  • Kebabs
  • Recipes that need loads of sautéed onions
  • Dishes that involve a baked onion

Just slice them thin and put in your salads or pizza or use them as toppings on roasted and grilled meats. You can also use them for the pickle. They can both preserve and increase your pickle’s flavor.

With Vidalia onions that have been frozen and thawed, they will be best in soups, stews, and homemade pot pies.

How long can Vidalia onions last in the refrigerator?

The special property of Vidalia onions is the high-water content. It is much higher in Vidalias than other ordinary preserved onions. This feature contributes to its sweetness. However, it also reduces its lifespan and makes them prone to darkening.

To keep them at best quality, both the farmers, sellers and consumers need to handle them with care and store them properly. They should be kept separated in cold, dry place without direct sunlight.

Once being stored in the right way, your Vidalia onions can stay safe on the counter for about 1 or two months. They can also last for 3 to 6 months if being wrapped separately in paper towels and put in the veggie bin. These towels will absorb the moisture and make the onions maximize its shelf life.


You definitely can preserve your favorite vidalia onions for a long time but still keep them fresh and sweet with their original taste. With care and good preparation, you just need to choose good vidalias, chop and freeze them in the right way, which are detailedly instructed in this article. It’s so simple that even if you are new with cooking, you can do it easily.

After knowing clearly how to freeze fresh vidalia onions, hopefully now your cooking will become faster. Let’s make delicious food with vidalias and enjoy it excitingly. Thank you for reading!


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