Can You Freeze Pepperoni? Simple Guides for It

Can you freeze pepperoni

Pepperoni is a type of cured meat that can be seen on pizzas and many other dishes. Pepperoni can be made from cured pork and beef, then seasoned with chilli pepper (which is where the name comes from) or paprika. While the cured meat used in pepperoni can be stored longer than normal meat, it will not last forever. So for longer use, freezing it might be the solution. Can you freeze pepperoni?

Can you freeze pepperoni?

Pepperoni on a pizza
Pepperoni on a pizza

You can freeze pepperoni for a long time for later use. But, there is no point preserving pepperoni when it expires or is ruined, so check if the pepperoni is safe before freezing.

What you should know

Freeze the pepperoni before it reaches the expiring date from the manufacturer. If you get the pepperoni from a deli that doesn’t put an expiring date on the product, call and ask the deli for the date.

Once the pepperoni packet is opened, it should be frozen within 3 days to reduce the risk of contamination.

Store the pepperoni in an airtight bag and put it in the coldest area of the fridge. Usually, it is at the bottom of the fridge; furthermore, when storing the pepperoni at the bottom, any of the liquid from the meat won’t drip on any other food.

Check if the pepperoni has any sign of deterioration. If you see some section of the pepperoni turn brown, feel slimy, or have a strong, unpleasant smell, don’t bother freezing the pepperoni; it is ruined now, so try to get rid of it.

Also, defrosted pepperoni won’t last as long as pepperoni before freezing, so only defrost the bags of pepperoni is you plan on using it immediately or shortly after.

Preparations before freezing pepperoni

First, think about how you would use the pepperoni, how much you use at a time.

If you have a big pepperoni sausage, try to cut it into smaller pieces so that you can get the amount you want and defrost the pepperoni faster.

If you buy multiple packs of pepperoni, or just have a pack of pepperoni, you should keep it unopened when putting it in the freezer since the atmosphere inside the bag will help prevent freezer burn.

Defrosted pepperoni can’t be refrozen, so if you can’t use all of the pack, you should split the pepperoni into smaller batches.

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What container to use when freezing pepperoni?

Most of the freezer safe bags should be enough to store the pepperoni.

But before putting the pepperoni into the bag, you can wrap the slice of pepperoni in baking paper or parchment so it’s easier to separate the pepperoni from each other and it acts as another layer of protection.

Also, before sealing the slices of pepperoni, you need to get rid of as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn.

Finally, label the bags with what’s inside, the date you put the bags in, and (optional) original expiring date.

If you apply all of the above tip properly and store the pepperoni the right way, you can expect the pepperoni to last for about 3 months with barely any change in taste or texture.

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How to defrost frozen pepperoni

Defrosting pepperoni is very simple. Simply just get the amount of bags or slices you desire, then put all of them in the fridge, and leave it overnight to defrost in.

Once the pepperoni is defrosted, you should use it within the next 24 hours. As mentioned, you can’t refreeze defrosted pepperoni, unless you have used it in a fish that had been cooked through.

How to tell if pepperoni has gone bad

With store-bought pepperoni, it does not turn bad quickly as other food because it has preservatives like salt and nitrate. However, after being stored at home, these chemical preservatives can not prevent your pepperoni from spoiling.

First, you should check the expiration date. Even though it is just the “best before date” and you don’t need to follow exactly, it can help you to evaluate your food’s condition.

Your pepperoni has gone bad if you notice the following signs:

Sight: It may have some changes on the outside or appearance like the discolorations and slime on the surface. However, if the color changes because of drying out on the surface when it is not wrapped correctly, you need to cut out the outside only. The rest is still safe for eating.

Smell: Once it goes bad, the pepperoni may have rancid odor or rotten, then you should throw it away.

Touch: When you touch it and feel something like slimy or sticky, it means that the pepperoni is no longer edible. It should be discarded.

Taste: After the pepperoni is stored in refrigerator, you should cut a small piece and give a try, even when you do not find any of these above signs. If it tastes fine, you can use it for whatever you want. If it tastes differently, throw it away.

Dishes to cook with your frozen pepperoni

Pepperoni is a versatile food that takes existing dishes to the next level. With the frozen pepperoni defrosted at the ready, here are some of the dish that you can try implementing pepperoni:

  • Flatbread pizza that has been baked in 15 minutes, there are many toppings that elevate the pizza, and the number 1 candidate is a few slides of pepperoni
  • Cheese toasties, try to add pepperoni for more flavor
A cheese and pepperoni toastie
A cheese and pepperoni toastie
  • Fresh crusty bread with pepperoni as a snack
  • Wrap with pepperoni, grated cheese, and some salad
  • Normal pasta with pepperoni as topping and grated cheese
  • Pasta bakes, add pepperoni for better taste
Pepperoni Pasta Bake
Pepperoni Pasta Bake

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Overall, you can totally freeze pepperoni for further uses. You should try to freeze the pepperoni before its expiring date. Once the pack of pepperoni is opened, you should freeze it within 3 days.

Also, check if the pepperoni is contaminated. Try to store the pepperoni in air-free bags in small batches. And remember, you can’t refreeze defrosted pepperoni.


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