Freezer Temperature Keeps Going up and Down: Why? And How to Fix it?

Freezer temperature keeps going up and down

If your freezer temperature keeps going up and down, try checking the vents, cleaning the coils and checking the freezer door. Freezer temperature is also affected by door opening frequency and temperature setting. When it isn’t all of the above reasons, you should call the professional to repair.

Opening the freezer door too often and for too long

Cold air will escape when you open the freezer, this is obvious. Because of the loss of cold air inside the freezer, the freezer must then work with higher intensity. This is to bring it back to a stable freezing temperature suitable for the food inside. Therefore, opening the freezer door too often causes the temperature inside the freezer to rise and fall continuously. It will be very difficult to maintain the optimal internal temperature in a stable manner. Moreover, opening the freezer door for too long will cause the outside temperature to go inside. This will increase the freezer temperature and causing it to have to constantly regulate the temperature. This leads to the freezer’s system overwork and system heat.

How to fix it: If there are signs that make you realize the temperature inside the freezer keeps going up and down, try the simplest way is to not open the freezer door for a few hours to see if the temperature stabilizes or not. If so, you’ve identified the problem and fixed it quickly. Then limit the number of times you open the freezer each day. If this still doesn’t work, try other methods.

Opening the freezer door too often and for too long
Opening the freezer door too often and for too long

The door has a gap

Another possible cause is that your freezer door has a gap. The reason the refrigerator door has a gap is because the refrigerator door gasket is damaged. If the door seal is damaged, cold air will escape continuously. It results in the refrigerator temperature rising and the system having to run continuously to regulate it.

How to fix it: Observe and check your freezer door for any loose, warped, or dirty parts. If so, you can replace it yourself without having to call a repairman to your home. Simply order a new door seal from the website or look at the freezer manual and you will be provided with instructions on how to install the door seal yourself.

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Improper temperature regulation

Fluctuating freezer temperatures can simply be due to the wrong temperature setting. In this case what you need to do is change the temperature setting. Sometimes by accident, family members have changed the freezer temperature control knob when putting food in or taking food out of the freezer.

How to fix: Check if the thermostat in the freezer is wrong. If yes, adjust the correct and appropriate level. However, if the temperature setting is constantly changing intentionally, find out who is in the wrong setting and let them know where the temperature dial is. If the settings are not adjusted by anyone but still change, there is a problem with the system and you must contact a specialist.

The vents or sensors are blocked

One of the most common causes of freezer temperature fluctuations is that the refrigerator is full or food has blocked the vents. This problem is very easy to solve. The function of the vent inside the freezer is to allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter. So when these vents are blocked, the freezer cannot keep the temperature to operate.

Similar to the above cause, blocked sensors will also cause this problem. If warm food is placed too close to the freezer’s thermostat, it will determine the temperature inside the refrigerator is high and adjust itself to the temperature that is too cold. Similarly, with cold food, when it is placed too close to the thermostat, the temperature rises.

How to fix: Arrange the freezer properly, don’t let the food get too full, and avoid placing it in a position that blocks the vents. Then let the freezer run for a few hours to see if the temperature stabilizes.

Compressor cord is dirty

If it weren’t for the above problems, the cause would have been more serious. The compressor coils help to dissipate the heat generated during the evaporator cycles. And the compression takes place continuously in your freezer without a break. These coils work efficiently when they are clean, free from dirt. If they are dirty or clogged, heat will not be able to escape and circulate inside the freezer.

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The fix: Clean your compressor coils regularly. Do not place the freezer too close to the wall and use a vacuum to remove dust before cleaning the coils.

Compressor cord is dirty
Compressor cord is dirty

Electrical system problem

If the above causes are not the problem of your freezer, it is most likely that your freezer has some components damaged and you need to repair or change these components.

Over time, the circuits in the thermostat or compressor of the freezer electrical system can become damaged or worn out. That makes your refrigerator flicker and damage for no reason.

In this case, your best bet is to contact professional repair services so they can locate the damage and repair it.

6 criteria to choose the best freezer

A dual compartment vs. single compartment freezer

The dual compartment freezer includes:

  • The refrigerator compartment has a temperature of about 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius, suitable for preserving water, vegetables, beer, …
  • The freezer compartment has a temperature of about minus 18 degrees Celsius, suitable for preserving frozen foods such as meat, fish, sausages, etc., and preserving ice cream and ice.

So, depending on your needs, you can choose a freezer with 2 doors or 1 door to fit your needs.

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Before choosing the freezer capacity, you need to determine the needs as well as the amount of food to be stored. In addition, you also need to take into account the future needs so as not to buy a freezer with a too small capacity, and soon have to replace it with a larger capacity freezer. For families, small grocery stores can choose a capacity of less than 500 liters (18 cubic feet).

A freezer with energy-saving technology

Inverter compressor technology is one of the modern technologies to help save electricity when using electrical appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners… including freezers, saving electricity about 30% – 50% compared with the type without inverter. This technology also helps the freezer save electricity, operate smoothly, and reduce noise.

A freezer cabinet with many utilities

The freezer has wheels for easy movement when you want to change the position of the cabinet to suit different spaces. The design of the temperature control panel should be right outside the cabinet body, so you can easily adjust the temperature. The inner basket makes it easy to sort foods to your liking without spending much time. In addition, choose a model with an external drainage hole so that excess water can easily flow out. Besides, when cleaning the freezer, you can remove dirty water residue from the cabinet easily.

Aluminum vs. Copper indoor unit

The indoor unit material has 2 main types: aluminum indoor unit and copper indoor unit.

Copper has a higher ability to absorb heat and conduct heat than aluminum. This is the reason that current wires mostly have copper cores. Copper is also more durable than aluminum, so a freezer with a copper indoor unit will operate more efficiently than an aluminum indoor unit.

Therefore, if you have enough budget and want to find a fast and durable cooling product, you can refer to the model with a copper indoor unit. However, if you only need to store food that doesn’t need to be cooled quickly and the cheaper price, the aluminum indoor unit will be the right choice.


You should buy freezers from reputable brands to ensure quality and warranty. Some brands such as: Midea, Danby, GE, Whynter, Avanti, Frigidaire ….

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There are many causes for the freezer temperature to go up and down. The above article has listed some common reasons and ways to fix them. You should follow the instruction and may fix the troubles. However, if it has no change, call for service or repairman.


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