What Are the Best Cheap Freezers for Home?

The Best Cheap Freezers for Home Use

Freezers are currently used quite commonly in families. The survey shows that the 7 best cheap freezers below are most popular for home thanks to their high quality.

Quick comparison table of the best cheap freezers for home use

Product nameHighlightCapacityCheck Price/Buy
Kismile Chest Freezer KM-D6880WHITE - Compact freezer designed to save space
- Adjustable temperature control
- Freezers with hinged doors
- Energy saving & Low noise
- Easy drain
2.7 cu. ftCheck Price
Midea WHS-109FW1- Upright freezer
- Energy star certified
- Stainless steel
3.0 cu. ftCheck Price
Midea MRC04M3AWW, Mini Freezer- Mechanical control
- Includes 1 hanging rope storage basket
- Hinged door
- Stainless steel material
3.5 cu. ftCheck Price
Arctic King, Chest Freezer - Compact form, beautiful design
- There are 2 food baskets
- High quality door hinge
- Nice design
5.0 cu. ftCheck Price
RCA Chest Freezer - Adjustable thermostat
- Large space
- Easy defrosting
- Have a food basket
- High quality door hinge
7.0 cu. ftCheck Price
WALSH WSF70CWED01- Low noise
- Energy saving
- Deep chest freezer
- Mechanical temperature control
7.0 cu. ftCheck Price
Galanz GLF11UWEG16- Large storage capacity
- Convertible Freezer/Fridge
- Electronic temperature control
11.0 cu. ftCheck Price

The utility of freezers for the family

Large capacity for freezing: Compared with conventional refrigerators, freezers are usually equipped with a much larger capacity. Accordingly, you can preserve more food in the freezer than the refrigerator.

The 2 multi-use freezer – cool compartments: Usually the freezers will be equipped with 2 compartments. In particular, the cooler has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius, suitable for preserving drinking water and fruits. The freezer compartment has a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius for food preservation and ice making.

You can use both of these compartments to store each food separately, very conveniently.

Long shelf life of food: Usually, freezers have better food storage capacity than conventional refrigerators. Because this product uses a lower temperature, it prolongs the decomposition of food and ensures that the food is always fresh and nutritious.

Save time: When using the refrigerator, you have to spend a lot of time arranging large foods so that they are neat, the freezer will overcome this drawback.

The freezer is large in size and has ample storage space. So it becomes very simple to store foods that are too large. You can put in a few kilograms of pork without fear of overflowing the cabinet.

The 7 best cheap freezers for home

1. Kismile Chest Freezer

Measurements (WxDxH):       20.94” x 21.65” x 32.17”

Capacity:                                 2.7 Cubic Feet

Concave handle design is convenient for you to lift the cover, also avoid injuring your fingers when closing the door.

Easy to drain off dirty water after cleaning the freezer, convenient and fast. It keeps the inside of the freezer dry for perfect and safe food preservation.

Adjustable 7-level temperature control to choose your desired temperature. “1” is the warmest mode and “7” is the coldest one. “0” (OFF) stops cooling the freezer.

2. Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer

Dimensions (WxDxH): 19.7” x 18.5” x 33.9”

Capacity:                      3.0 cu. Ft.

Weight:                        57.2 lbs.

Temperature ranges:    -11.2ᵒ F to 10.4ᵒ F

The freezer has reversible door hinge that allows you do the right or left side opening. It also energy efficient with low energy consumption and operates quietly.

3. Midea MRC04M3AWW

Dimensions:                20.59 x 22.2 x 33.5 inches

Capacity:                     3.5 cu. Ft.

The cooling system can be designed to be thinner with high cooling efficiency thanks to the integrated door hinge and the special Midea D + system, which helps Midea freezers always keep a large capacity with a smaller size.

The recessed handle makes it easy to open the door and gives the freezer a modern and sophisticated look. Comes with defrost mode, the refrigerator freezer compartment is easier to drain and clean.

4. Arctic King Chest Freeze

Size (LxWxH):             28.7″ x  20.6″ x  37.2″

Capacity:                     5.0 cu. Ft.

The storage basket is removable, this makes it easy to take out and also for better cleaning. The defrost drain is easily accessible and the interior and easy-to-clean gaskets make maintaining this unit a breeze.

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This more energy efficient model will only use an estimated 218 kWh a year. Ideal for home or business use. Compact, space-saving design. Black matches any garage, basement or kitchen.

5. RCA Chest Freezer

Size:                            22.83 x 38.58 x 35.04 inches

Capacity:                     7.0 cu. Ft

Large capacity, you can store all your favorite foods.

Removable and easy-to-clean compartments make it easy to store food and clean it

The adjustable temperature knob allows you to set the temperature with a simple right or left turn.

7 temperature settings let you choose exactly the right temperature for your freezer according to your specific food storage needs.


Dimension (WxDxH):   37.40 x 22.20 x 33.27 inches

Capacity:                     7.0 cu. Ft

The deep chest freezer has large storage capacity and quick freezing function that keep your food fresh for long time. It operates quietly and saves energy.

7. Galanz GLF11UWEG16

Dimensions (LxWxH):                         23.58 x 27.68 x 66.97 inches

Capacity:                                             11.0 cu. Ft

This freezer is best for a big family with very much room for organizing frozen items.

It has frost-free design that is perfect for any housewife’s choice. The vintage and retro white look makes it’s great in any space.

How to buy a good freezer for family?

Standing in front of hundreds, thousands of freezers of all capacities and sizes, you need to be alert to choose the best product. Here are some good shopping experiences that you should pocket right away.

Choose the right cabinet line

Currently, on the market, depending on the structure and function of use, people are divided into two types of cabinets as follows.

Cabinet with 1 drawer

This is a single-compartment freezer. This device is very suitable for households with few members to avoid wasting space and power consumption.

2 drawer-cabinet

This cabinet is divided into 2 compartments. The first compartment is the cold compartment used to store drinking water. The second compartment is the freezer compartment used to preserve fresh foods and make ice.

Usually, this product will be more suitable for business households or restaurants and bars than for private businesses.

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Select the material of the cabinet

The indoor unit material of the cabinet is made of aluminum and copper. In particular, the copper indoor unit has a higher ability to absorb heat and conduct heat than aluminum. Copper is also much stronger than aluminum. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing a freezer with a copper indoor unit to achieve better preservation efficiency than an aluminum indoor unit.

But, if you only use the freezer for short-term storage of food and do not need to cool it quickly, choose an aluminum indoor unit to save money.

Choose the right capacity for your needs

Based on the amount of food that you store every day, you can choose the appropriate cabinet capacity. Note that at this time, you need to include future needs to avoid having to replace the cabinet because of its small capacity, not enough for problems to arise.

For example, for small families and small groceries, you should choose a cabinet capacity of less than 15 cubic feet as the most suitable. As for large stores or large families, you can choose a capacity of over 15 cubic feet.

Choose a device with many utilities or features

If you want to easily use the freezer, you should choose cabinets with many utilities. Products with wheels will help you be more convenient in moving.

Besides, you should also choose a cabinet model with a temperature control panel design right outside the cabinet body. Because it will help you easily adjust the temperature to suit each type of food.

If you have small children at home or want to limit opening the freezer door, you can choose models with external locks.

Priority is given to equipment with energy-saving technology

Currently, products are equipped with inverter compressor technology, which helps to save from 30% to 50% of electricity consumption of the freezer. So it should be prioritized for long-term use.

Choose a reputable brand

Choosing a reputable cabinet brand directly determines the durability of the product. It is the first to select the style of the signal to have a good product with the quality condition.

You should buy a good freezer for food storage
You should buy a good freezer for food storage

The bottom line

Hopefully with the above detailed information, you will easily find yourself the best cheap freezer for home.


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