Can You Put Food Straight into a New Freezer?

Can you put food straight into a new freezer

Freezers are an essential appliance these days. You need to pay attention to the rules of using the freezer to improve its life and performance in the long run, especially in the beginning when you buy the freezer. Can you put food into a new freezer right away? How long does a new freezer need to run before food is put in? In this article, we help you answer these questions.

Can you put food straight into the new freezer?

You should not put food straight into the new freezer. This can be harmful to the freezer as well as to your health. According to the manuals from some freezer manufacturers, users should not use the freezer to preserve food right away but need to let the freezer operate within a few hours after turning it on. Depending on the requirements of each freezer, the time the freezer needs to work before using is different. Usually, it will stay for about 4 to 6 hours. Note that this time is not related to how long the freezer stays in the state before it is plugged into the power source.

This rule is often explicitly stated that you should keep it running until the freezer lights up when it’s ready to store food inside. This case is only for new and unused freezers. If your freezer is already in use and has only been used for a while, this rule does not apply.

What happens if you store food in a new freezer right away?

You shouldn’t put food directly into the new freezer because when the freezer is used for the first time, it stores a remarkable amount of substance inside of the freezer called refrigerant, and the air has a low heat capacity.

The operation process will help the freezer regulate the mood and eliminate harmful air inside the freezer. If you put food in when these substances have not been destroyed, they will stick to the food. Moreover, at this time, the temperature inside the freezer is not stable, it is easy to spoil your food.

You should not put food straight into the new freezer
You should not put food straight into the new freezer


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How long does a new freezer need to run before food is put in?

The freezer is a piece of long-lasting refrigeration equipment, so you need to pay attention to its operating rules to achieve high efficiency and avoid damage, especially in the early stages of use and operation machine. Therefore, you should not put food in the freezer right away.

When transporting the freezer, it will lead to oil leakage into the refrigeration system from the compressor. This will not damage the refrigerator, but it will take time for the oil to dry or become harmless. If the freezer is plugged in immediately after switching, it will lead to system blockage. Therefore, the freezer needs to be kept in its proper condition before operating from 1-4 hours after shipping, depending on how careful you are during transportation.

In particular, you should not move the freezer in an inclined or horizontal direction because it will affect the internal components of the freezer. After this time, you can plug in the freezer to let it start working.

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Some manufacturers have fixed oil leaks during shipping, so your freezer probably won’t need to stand still before operating.

However, you should not put food in a new freezer immediately after plugging it in. New freezers need at least 4 hours for quiet operation with stable temperature. At this point, you can store food typically. Some freezers will have different operating times before storing food; you should read the instructions carefully.

Wait for your new freezer to run and reach its full functionality
Wait for your new freezer to run and reach its full functionality

Steps to take before putting food in a new freezer

Proper shipping

When transporting the freezer, you should not tilt it more than 45 degrees; this will help reduce damage caused by moving.

After moving to the place to be placed, you should let the freezer stabilize for 1-4 hours.

If your cloned power supply is turned off when plugging in a new freezer, wait 5 minutes before plugging it again to avoid damage to the appliance.

Note about electricity and placement

It’s best to use an electrical outlet suitable for the required power level of the freezer and do not use the same outlet of the freezer with the sockets of other electrical equipment to ensure a stable power supply and avoid accidents damaged socket, power supply.

You should not leave the freezer in a place that is too shielded and airtight because the operation of the dynamic cabinet will give off a specific temperature and need to exchange air with the surrounding environment.

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Related questions

How long does it take a new freezer to get cold?

Usually, a freezer takes an average of 4 hours to reach the FDA-recommended temperature of 0°F (-18°C). The upright freezer takes nearly 5 hours to cool, the chest freezer needs 5 hours or a little bit more. The refrigerator-freezer may take 12 hours.

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Why is my brand-new freezer not freezing?

If your freezer is not freezing, chances are the condenser coils are dirty, reducing the freezer’s overall cooling capacity. The evaporator fan motor is malfunctioning and since it is in charge of circulating air throughout the freezer. You need to fix it immediately.

Does a new freezer need to settle?

Yes. You should leave it alone in a few hours. During transportation, it vibrates round, so it’s best to let everything settle before plugging it in. If the appliance is transported upright, wait at least one hour before plugging it in. If the device is shipped on its side, turn it over properly and let it rests for at least four hours.

Is 10 degrees F cold enough for the freezer?

No. 10 degrees is not cold enough for a freezer. You need keep your appliances at the proper temperatures. The freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C) to ensure that the food is always in good condition and that the freezer compartment works properly. You can adjust the temperature up or down when needed.

Can your freezer be too cold?

Yes. If there is too much ice in the freezer, or there is a layer of ice on the inside, your freezer is definitely too cold. When you notice that you have to scrape ice from the freezer, or you can defrost your device by taking everything out and unplugging it.

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Thus, you should wait at least 4 hours or more after buying a freezer before storing food to help the freezer operate stably and avoid spoilage of your food. Moreover, when purchasing a new freezer, you need to pay attention to the appropriate freezer’s transportation, location, and socket.

I hope this article will bring you helpful information.


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