How to Reset an Igloo Ice Maker

How to reset igloo ice maker

Do you know how to use the Igloo ice machine correctly and how to handle common errors in the Igloo ice maker quickly? How to reset an Igloo ice maker? In this article we will guide you on the first possible way to try in case of problems.

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How to reset the Igloo ice maker

In case you found the problem and tried many ways without success, you can try resetting the igloo ice maker. To reset the igloo ice maker you need to follow these specific instructions:

Step 1: Unplug the power cord

This is a pretty safe measure. However, you should not think that just unplugging the power cord is done, you are wrong. Then you must perform the following steps to complete. This step is not enough to reset the machine.

Step 2: Change the position of the manual ice shovel

Press the ice shovel firmly into the center and keep it moving towards the rear of the appliance.

Next pull it towards you. Then you push it like that again. It is best to repeat this sequence of actions three times.

Step 3: Plug the ice maker again

At this point, you plug the device’s power cord back in and turn on the ice maker. Then everything should be working properly now.

Reset is one way you can try first when the igloo ice maker has problems
Reset is one way you can try first when the Igloo ice maker has problems

Common mistakes of an Igloo ice maker and how to fix it

It stops working

In this case, your ice maker may have some problems such as:

The machine is pushed up at too high a pressure, causing the pressure relay to jump. The cause of this situation is due to not locking the valve tightly, the water level in the machine is too high, some parts of the machine are dirty, a clog in the water supply line, etc.

Besides, it may come from simple reasons like the ice maker does not have any water, it isn’t getting power, or the ice bin is full.


Check that the amount of water you have poured into the mini ice maker is at the standard level, clean the condenser and cooling system to return the machine to normal operation.

Check the stability of the power used and whether the lines are stable and working properly.

Continuously defrost even if not activated

The amount of ice in the tray has not been drained from the previous ice making. This leads to a continuous defrost situation while you have not activated any function.


Reset the machine’s operating time correctly so that it works properly.

Adjust the water valve so that the amount of water is pumped in just the right way.

Water spill incident

If you find that the water in your igloo ice maker is overflowing, it could be due to a punctured drain hose.


The best way to fix this is to immediately bring the machine to a reputable facility to repair or replace the exhaust pipe.

Or you can also check if the water supply float part is dirty or still working properly.

The machine does not produce ice

The fact that this small ice machine does not produce ice can be caused by the temperature of the water pumped into the machine being too high, which will make the ice maker take longer.


You should keep the device in a cool place, avoid direct exposure to the sun and equipment or places that generate heat.

Or check the water pumped into the small ice machine to avoid using hot water to make ice. Besides, it is very necessary to ensure the hygiene of the heat exchanger.

Oddly shaped ice cubes

If you find the misshaped ice cubes such as too small, too big or unusual shapes, this sudden change is an issue. It may because of a faulty water valve or the type of water you are using, or issues in cutting process.


First, try to change the settings. If nothing changes, this can be a mechanical problem.

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Related questions

What is the right way to clean an Igloo ice maker?

To clean your ice maker properly, here are the steps to follows:

First, make sure you unplug the ice maker.

Then, the ice basket should be removed. It is better to clean the ice basket and ice scoop with warm, soapy water, using a soft cloth.

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Next, the inside and outside of the ice maker should be cleaned with the same warm, soapy water. Use a non-abrasive towel to clean as it’s safe for your machine. Wait until it totally dry.

In case, the ice machine has not been used for a while, you need to open the water drain plug and the water inside should be drained completely from the reservoir.

What are the meanings of lights in Igloo ice maker?

  1. Power ON LED indicator light: It means the unit is on.
  2. ADD WATER light: It alerts that there is no water in the water reservoir and water must be added for proper operation.
  3. S – SMALL ICE CUBE indicator: It means the small ice cubes are selected.
  4. L- LARGE ICE CUBE indicator: The large ice cubes are selected.
  5. ICE FULL light: You see it when the ice basket is full. You need to take out the ice from the ice storage basket to make another batch.

For more information, read the Igloo ice maker manual.

What to do when the Add Water indicator comes on

If the Add Water indicator on you Igloo ice maker turns on, it means that you must add water. Try the following instructions:

  • Turn off the ice maker
  • Add water into the reservoir
  • Press the POWER button again, so that you can restart the machine

If there may be too much ice, you should turn off the ice maker and remove some ice from the ice basket.

What makes the Igloo ice machine special?

The Igloo ice machine is a specialized device that works independently with the function of making small ice cubes like an igloo quickly. The machine can create ice in large quantities and the ice making time is shortened quite a lot compared to the conventional ice making method with the refrigerator.

The working mechanism of the Igloo ice machine is also different from the way of making ice with a refrigerator. It is a device equipped with modern technology with different capacity levels. The igloo ice machines will meet the basic needs of the household.

The ice making principle of the Igloo ice machine and the small ice machines are quite similar. However, each type from different manufacturers will have their own know-how to integrate different cooling technology on their products. This is an important factor determining the time to make ice.


The igloo ice maker is a device equipped with modern technology

Benefits of an Igloo ice maker

Guaranteed safety

The igloo ice machine is a device that brings a lot of convenience to users. This machine will help you feel secure to enjoy cool drinks. The closed ice-making process will dispel all concerns about hygiene and safety.

Shorten the time

With advanced technology applied on the machine, the ice making process has been greatly shortened compared to the traditional ice making process. You can create the number of ice cubes you want in a short time.

Save money

Instead of having to buy ice at the store or make ice in the refrigerator freezer in relatively small quantities and spend a lot of time, the igloo ice machine will help you save money and electricity a lot.

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Top models of Igloo ice makers

1. Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Ice Maker

Key features:

  • Work quietly
  • Multi-colors
  • Can make 26 pounds of ice daily
  • Compact design: 9.6 x 14.7 x 12.4 inches
  • Includes a scooper and removable basket

This Igloo countertop ice maker performs an excellent job. In seven minutes, this compact machine can produce nine small or large ice cubes.

With the electronic control panel, you can choose the ice cube size and know when to add water as well as when the ice basket is full. This countertop ice maker provides users with an easily removable basket and a scoop for serving. Besides, it has many options in colors for your choice like red, aqua, black, stainless steel and white.

2. Igloo ICEB33SL Large-Capacity

Key features:

  • Portable
  • Large capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Produce 33 pounds of ice in one day

This product has a large clear lid that allows users easily view the inside. In a period of 7 minutes, it can make 9 small or big cylinder-shaped ice cubes. The ice cubes are perfect for water bottles.


Key features:

  • Stainless
  • Convenient
  • With LED light
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Electronic control panel
  • Can produce 26 pounds of ice per day

With convenient design, it can produce ice anywhere and anytime you want. The 9 small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes will be made in about 7 minutes.

The electronic control panel helps you manage the ice maker easily. It informs you when to fill water and the ice basket is full. You can choose the size of the ice cubes as you wish.

The bottom line

Small ice machine is an increasingly popular device because of the outstanding benefits that this product brings. However, it is not perfect, troubles may occur during operation. Even though Igloo is considered one of the good brands, you may encounter a variety of common issues when using it. You can fix it by yourself with the suggested fixes or just to reset your Igloo ice maker.


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