Mini Fridge in the Bedroom: Is It Good for Your Health?

Mini fridge in bedroom_ Is it good for your health

Mini fridge seems to be one of the most convenient home appliances for single people and small families. It is possible to put a mini fridge in different places like kitchen, living room, office, or even garage. But it is good for your health when you have a mini fridge in the bedroom?

Why Should You Put a Mini Fridge in the Bedroom?

There are many reasons to put a mini fridge in your bedroom. Here’s how:

  • Convenience

All mini fridges come with a very compact design, so it is convenient for any bedroom. It does mean that you do not need a large space for your mini fridge. It is also easy to move whenever you want.

  • Food and drink storage

Despite the small size, a mini fridge can keep a wide range of food and drink fresh and cool. So it is not necessary to go out of your room for food in some situations. Or maybe you can keep milk for your baby inside the fridge in order to feed your kid any time.

  • Medication storage

In fact, there are many types of medicines which need to be cooled in the fridge to maintain their effectiveness. And it is not a good idea to keep your medications in a large fridge full of meat and seafood. Therefore, having a separate mini fridge would be the best option for your family.

  • Skincare product preservation

Many women tend to keep their skincare products cooling for long term use in recent years. With a mini fridge in the bedroom, it is more convenient for them to take care of their skin every day.

Mini fridge in bedroom
Mini fridge in bedroom
  • Saving money

The most outstanding feature of a mini fridge is that it does not consume much energy. Unlike any full-size fridge, the mini refrigerator will offer you several functions with an affordable monthly power bill.

Is It Safe to Place a Mini Fridge in Your Bedroom?

Yes, it is. The mini fridge does not have significantly negative impacts on your health when you keep it in your bedroom. There are no severe problems coming up provided that you set up your mini fridge in the proper way.

With many current models, it is very quiet for a mini fridge during its operation. Hence, it can not disturb your sleep or other activities throughout the day. Additionally, the mini fridge does not cause any harmful radiation which ruins your health in the long run.

Where Should You Put the Mini Fridge?

To prevent any threat, you should place your mini fridge in accordance with following instructions:

  • Do not put the fridge too close to the wall on all sides. That is because it might be easy for you to open the door without hitting the wall. Besides, this will help the fridge have enough space to circulate so that it will not overheat during use.
  • Keep the fridge away from any flammable object. You do not place your mini fridge on a cushion, near paper or other risky objects.
  • Put the fridge on a hard surface. It is good for you to set up your fridge on a plastic, hardwood, or tiled flooring.
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The Best Mini Fridges for Bedroom

Best Portable: Cooluli 10L

This mini fridge is the best choice for storing skincare and medications in the bedroom. It is very chic and perfectly portable, with a capacity of 10L and weight of 7.9 lbs.

With EcoMax Technology, this mini fridge uses minimum energy and prevents frost. Besides, the dual-voltage (AC 100–240V/12V) works very smoothly.

Best for Price: Midea WHS-65LB1

This Midea model is a single door mini fridge with 1.6 cubic feet capacity of storage. It will offer you one wire shelf along with some door baskets for drinks.

In addition, a reversible door is available so that you can open from both sides. However, the fridge will support manual defrost instead of the automatic one. Under the fridge, it has 4 adjustable legs in order to help you move it around your room easily.

Best for Storage: BLACK+DECKER BCRK32V

The Black and Decker mini fridge is a great option for your bedroom. With a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, this mini fridge has a freezer and provide more space to store different types of food inside.

Additionally, this fridge does not make large noises when operating at about 45 dB. Therefore, it will have no negative impact on your activities.

Best for Quality: RCA RFR321

RCA is a highly recommended brand of mini fridge for all households. This is not only durable but also energy efficient for long term use. The model offers many different retro colors which are stunning for your bedroom.

Besides, it is easy for you to adjust the internal temperature from cool to coldest. And 2 removable shelves together with door baskets makes it more spacious to keep a large amount of food and drink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do mini fridges release radiation?

Most mini fridges might emit a small quantity of radiation. However, it does not lead to any severe health issues with the proper use and maintenance.

Do mini fridges give off carbon monoxide?

Mini fridge only releases carbon monoxide when it is not ventilated well. So you should set up your fridge in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturers to avoid this.

Useful ideas for mini fridges in the bedroom

  • Apply decals to make your fridge more attractive
  • Decorate it with cute stickers or magnets
  • Use a cabinet to place your fridge
  • Use the mini fridge as a bedside table


It is possible to keep a mini fridge in your bedroom for many purposes. This will help your life become easier and more convenient when it can store your medication, skincare products, foods, drinks, etc. And it is safe enough to put the mini fridge in your room. It does not cause any serious health problems for you in both short term and long term.


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