Magic Chef Mini Fridge Compressor is Hot – How to Fix?

Magic chef mini fridge compressor hot

The Magic Chef mini refrigerator is a high-quality mini fridge on the market today. However, sometimes it will also encounter some problems during operation. Like other mini fridges, the one from Magic Chef suffers from some common compressor-related problems. This article will provide information about how to fix when the Magic Chef mini fridge compressor is hot.

Magic Chef mini fridge compressor and common problems

Mini refrigerators operate thanks to the continuous operation of their internal components efficiently. However, when the compressor gets hot, the fridge will work somewhat harder, resulting in a loss of cooling purpose. Furthermore, the failure can be propagated and affect other components. Therefore, you need to quickly fix the cause of the hot compressor to make the refrigerator work more efficiently.

The hot compressor in some of the new Magic Chef mini fridges is pretty easy to spot. If in doubt, you can check the warning on your refrigerator to identify problems with the compressor.


Magic Chef mini fridge

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Why is the Magic Chef mini fridge compressor hot?

The leading cause of a hot Magic Chef mini fridge is an inadequate amount of refrigerant. Refrigerant is an indispensable substance for the Magic Chef mini refrigerator to cool. Leaks inside the closed system can cause refrigerant drops.

In addition, the Magic Chef mini refrigerator compressor is hot due to the improper setting of the thermostat. If the temperature is too low, the refrigerator will constantly stop cooling, and the compressor must increase speed, working more hours to maintain the temperature. Over time, the compressor starts to overwork and heat up.

Condenser fan, condenser coil, and evaporator are also reasons to check and fix when having problems with compressor heating.

What happens if the mini-fridge compressor overheats?

If the compressor increases the temperature too high, your mini refrigerator will become a bomb and can explode at any time. Not only does it bring an extremely high risk of fire and explosion, but the mini refrigerator compressor, when hot, also causes you to consume a lot of unnecessary energy. As a result, it leads to dizzying electricity bills.

Professional technicians should perform a repair of the internal system of the Magic Chef mini refrigerator, especially the compressor unit. You can completely repair yourself if you have the skills to perform safe refrigerator operations. However, the process can make the problem more serious, not completely fixable, or affect other refrigerator parts.

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Detailed explanation and how to fix

1. Increase the temperature inside the refrigerator

Many people think setting the temperature inside the refrigerator too low will make the fridge less continuous, leading to less damage. However, suppose you set the refrigerator to a lower temperature than recommended. In that case, the compressor will be more prone to heat and failure as it has to work at a high frequency and keep the temperature lower than the standard.

In addition, the high temperature of the compressor causes the refrigerator shell to heat up, affecting the temperature inside the refrigerator, creating a two-way reaction and the cycle continues.

To prevent the compressor from overheating, you should set the temperature inside the refrigerator between 37-38 degrees F. Avoid too low or too high temperatures, as this will affect the compressor and the food stored inside.

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2. Check the thermostat

The thermostat monitors and regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator. As mentioned above, the temperature inside the fridge directly affects the operation of the compressor. However, if the thermostat is faulty, it will not be able to start or stop the compressor appropriately. This leads to the compressor operating even though it is unnecessary, causing the compressor to overheat, even burn or explode.

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When having problems related to the thermostat, you need to contact a technician for repair and replacement. In addition, regular maintenance of the thermostat is also suitable for your refrigerator. In particular, this is also a tip to help you reduce that electricity bill.

The thermostat monitors and regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator
The thermostat monitors and regulates the temperature inside the refrigerator

3. Pay attention to ventilation

Many people often ignore the ventilation element of a mini fridge and place it in a place that is too tight. This will prevent the hot air inside the refrigerator from circulating outside and cause the compressor to increase the temperature.

Therefore, you should avoid placing the mini fridge in the cabinet or in less ventilated places for the mini fridge to work better.

Avoid placing objects or obstructions on top of the refrigerator, especially those made of metal and magnets.

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4. Adjust the position of the refrigerator

It is especially advisable to avoid leaving the refrigerator in direct sunlight. Many people often place the mini fridge near the balcony or window. These locations usually have a very high temperature compared to other areas in the room.

The light shining directly on the mini fridge will cause the refrigerator to heat up. Besides, the compressor must work too hard to keep the cold temperature inside. Therefore, placing the mini fridge in a place with too much light will make it deteriorate faster. You should put it in a place with a stable temperature background.

5. Fix refrigerant leak

The Magic Chef mini fridge uses refrigerant to operate the system. Refrigerant needs to meet the correct amount and circulate through the closed circulation. The compressor performs the task of pressurizing the refrigerant.

A leak inside the system mainly causes a lack of refrigerant. These leaks make it harder for the compressor to operate and make it hotter. You should not try to fix leak-related problems or add refrigerant, as it requires complex operations.

The Magic Chef mini fridge uses refrigerant to operate the system
The Magic Chef mini fridge uses refrigerant to operate the system

6. Clean the condenser coil

The condenser coil needs to be cleaned periodically as it is very susceptible to dirty condensers. Dirty condenser coils will restrict air circulation inside the refrigerator, leading to refrigerator heating and compressor damage. Regular cleaning is also a way to help you limit the cost of refrigerator repair.

The steps to clean the condenser coil are pretty simple, and you can wipe it yourself or use a vacuum cleaner.

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7. Repair or replace the condenser fan

A broken condenser fan is one of the causes of compressor overheating and leads to several other complex failures. When you feel a stinky smell in the refrigerator, you should check the condenser fan for timely repair or replacement. If you cannot perform the operations yourself, you can contact a specialist for help.


Above is information related to the compressor of the Magic Chef mini fridge and how to troubleshoot problems associated with the hot compressor on this type of refrigerator.

When detecting a hot compressor, you should quickly check and repair it in time to avoid long-term damage. Also, it can easily affect the life of the mini refrigerator and increase repair costs.



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