Mini Fridge Making Popping Noise: Why? and How to Fix it?

Mini fridge making popping noise

The noise and vibration emitted from the refrigerator might affect your family’s daily life. This phenomenon is an omen that your refrigerator is having a “health” problem, which needs intervention. The unusually loud noise of the mini refrigerator during use can be caused by many reasons. Recognizing the symptoms quickly will help you take appropriate and timely action. If detected early and the condition is not serious, we can still repair it at home. Let’s find out the cause of the mini fridge making popping noise and how to fix it to help protect the family’s mini fridge for a long time.

Six common popping noises and the main reasons mini fridges make these kinds of noises

1. Damaged compressor and relay

The refrigerator makes noise, which may be because the refrigerator block (compressor) is too old, has been used continuously for a long time, or is damaged. In addition, a damaged relay that will not be able to defrost also causes the refrigerator to make an unusually loud noise.

2. The capacity of the large refrigerator

The larger the capacity of the refrigerator, the stronger the operating capacity. Therefore, during use you will hear loud noises. This is a very normal phenomenon and ends soon, you can rest assured to use it.

3. Refrigerator does not freeze

Refrigerator models that do not freeze often make a louder noise when operating. Because when the refrigerator is operated for a long time, snow will be frozen on the unit, the relay has to defrost to make a rattling noise. This is normal noise and usually does not last long.

4. Place the refrigerator unbalanced

When the refrigerator is operating, do not balance on the floor or the footrest is unstable, the refrigerator will be tilted and slightly collide with the floor, making a squeak or vibration.

5. The waste water pan is misaligned

The waste water pan is usually mounted on a foam rubber layer, located directly below the refrigerator to store the waste water in the cabinet. During use, the pan can make noise below. Due to deviation or touching the radiator wire, the cooling line of the cabinet.

6. Loose indoor unit screw

Your refrigerator makes an abnormal sound, possibly because the indoor unit screw is loose, when the cabinet is operating, it will make a “podium” sound. If this happens for a long time, the device may stop working.

the refrigerator makes noise
There are many different reasons why the refrigerator makes noise

Is the popping noise of the mini fridge normal?

During operation, the mini fridge will make some noises and sounds. This is normal. The expansion of the components in the refrigerator as well as the rise and fall of the temperature are the main causes of this harmless noise.

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However, if the sound becomes too loud, and strange phenomena appear, but the refrigerator becomes hot outside, the food is not cold, then you need to pay attention and check the refrigerator in time. Let’s see if your refrigerator is in a situation of damaged parts or not to change and repair.

If the noise is too loud, check the mini refrigerator right away

If the noise is too loud and plus some other phenomena, you should check the mini refrigerator right away

How to fix it

Method 1: Check the screws for looseness

After a long time of use, the mini refrigerator often loosens the screws, so it makes a noise when the compression block works

You just need to check and re-tighten the loose screws and you can easily fix the squeak on the refrigerator.

Method 2: Put the refrigerator for balance

If the position of the refrigerator is uneven or tilted, move the refrigerator to another more balanced position

Or you can use a hard object to prop the foot of the refrigerator, if possible, you can buy a refrigerator stand to ensure that the refrigerator is firmly placed.

The bottom of the refrigerator often has an adjustment knob, you can use a wrench to turn the adjustment knob so that the refrigerator is balanced, without shaking.

Method 3: Do not put objects on the top of the refrigerator

Leaving many objects on the refrigerator is also one of the causes of noise, when the refrigerator is operating, there will be a certain vibration.

Therefore, objects will easily make noises when there is vibration, please clean the top of the refrigerator to see if the noise is still there.

Method 4: Repair or replace damaged components

If the refrigerator is loud due to component damage, you need to call a technician to check and repair or replace other components.

call a professional to repair

The best way to repair is to call a professional

Related Questions

Do popping noises happen to most refrigerators?

It is very common when you hear sound and noises coming from different types or models of fridges and freezers. The popping noise may happen in some parts of the refrigerators. To fix it, you must know exactly where the noise comes from.

These noises can be found in fridges like GE, Samsung, LG, Maytag, Kenmore, Haier, Sharp, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Toshiba and some others.

How to know if the refrigerator compressor is bad?

When the fridge is always running but the cooling or freezing compartments do not reach their average temperature, it means that the refrigerator compressor is going bad. Once this major sign happens, the fridge is losing its refrigerant and the valves of compressor have broken.

Can a fridge compressor explode?

Yes, a fridge compressor may explode if the fridge’s back is too hot.

When the gas passes through the compressor, it will overheat and gets trapped. The trapped gas gets stuck in the compressor that may create a silent pressure and will explode unexpectedly.

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The above are the most common causes of mini refrigerator vibrations and noises. Hope these sharing can help you recognize the problem of your mini fridge and take appropriate measures.


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