Can You Put a Mini Fridge in the Cabinet?

Can you put a mini fridge in a cabinet

Mini fridges are a necessary household appliance for many families today. After shopping for a new mini fridge, finding the right place for the fridge is also extremely important. People often store the mini fridge in a cupboard or closet because the process is quite easy, fits well, and is often more appealing than leaving it on the counter or on the ground. Moreover, this is also a way to save more space. Whether to put the mini fridge in the cabinet or not is one of the questions that customers often ask.

Factors to consider when choosing a location to place a mini fridge

Putting the mini fridge in the right location is a common concern of many families. When choosing the location of the mini fridge, you should adhere to the following general requirements:

  • Choose a dry, dust-free location to place the mini fridge, avoid placing it near places that are easily exposed to water such as lavabo or washbasin to prevent electric shock.
  • Need to choose a flat place to put the mini fridge and place the mini fridge slightly above the ground to ensure the safety of the mini fridge.
  • Should not place the mini fridge near the stove or gas cylinder because this can easily cause fire and explosion incidents and adversely affect the long-term operation of the mini fridge.
  • Should install a dedicated electrical outlet for the mini fridge to prevent overload problems, help the mini fridge operate more efficiently and stably.

Does a mini fridge need ventilation?

Yes, it absolutely needs ventilation. For smooth and proper operation, a mini fridge needs to be well ventilated. This precaution will help the mini fridge to easily dissipate heat during operation. Therefore, you need to place it at an appropriate distance from the wall and keep a distance from surrounding objects.

You should leave a space of 3 inches between the wall and your fridge. If the fridge has coil which is placed beneath the fridge’s body, you should use a crate to ensure at 3 inches above the floor.

If there is not enough space for the heat to escape properly, the heat can keep bouncing back on the fridge and make the fridge to overheat.

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Tips when choosing a location to place a mini fridge

Here are a few tips for you to choose the best location for your family’s mini fridge:

You need to avoid placing the mini fridge in front of the door because this can cause money and fortune loss according to the advice of feng shui experts.

You should also limit the installation of mini fridges in places reserved for rest. The noise emitted when operating from the mini fridge will adversely affect your sleep.

Also, you also need to pay attention to place the mini fridge at least 1.5 meters from the kitchen, avoid placing it opposite the kitchen, and avoid direct sunlight.

Can you put the mini fridge in the cabinet?

Yes, you can put your mini fridge in the cabinet. To safely store your mini-fridge in the cabinet, your cabinet needs to have ample space around the edges of the mini fridge. When placing it, you need to pay attention to do it firmly and safely to ensure the performance of the mini fridge, and at the same time to help the mini fridge to be durable.

In addition, the mini fridge needs to have a proper ventilation system to run and dissipate heat during operation, usually installed in the back. Therefore, the mini fridge should have an open platform or a few inches of space to allow the mini fridge to radiate heat.

Installing the mini fridge in the right way will ensure that the items in the mini fridge stay cold and your electric bill does not increase.

You can put the mini fridge in the cabinet
You can put the mini fridge in the cabinet

Steps to put the mini fridge in a cabinet

It is possible to place a mini fridge in a cabinet such as a wardrobe, it is also quite easy to do. However, to do this, you need to pay attention to consider the distance and reasonable airflow. Here are the steps that will help you to install the mini fridge in the cabinet efficiently and safely:

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Step 1: Use a ruler to measure the size of the mini fridge and cabinet

Step 2: You should remove the bracket to make it more spacious and convenient

Step 3: Use a tool to create a gap for the electrical wiring and ventilation system to avoid squeezing inside

Step 4: Thread the power cord through the holes created

Step 5: Plug in the power to the mini fridge. It is best to choose an aesthetic plug.

This is the most basic general guide to installing a mini fridge in a cabinet. However, depending on your case, you can adjust a few things depending on the specific type of mini fridge.

It is possible to place a mini-fridge in a cabinet
It is possible to place a mini fridge in a cabinet

Safety concerns when putting a mini fridge in a cabinet

Even though the mini fridge is safe in a cabinet, you should also be aware of the heat released from your fridge. Sometimes, the cabinet is hot to the touch because of the overheating. To be safe, do not place anything flammable around the fridge.

Besides, the risks of fire may come from the dirty coils or exposed wires.

Another major concern is the poor ventilation. If the fridge does not stay at stable temperature, it must operate harder to cool the inside. In these cases, the fridge consumes more energy and gradually lead to malfunctions.

For these safety concerns, you should buy a front-venting fridge or remove the backside of a cabinet where the fridge is located to prevent overheating or damage to the fridge.

Where is the ideal place for a mini fridge in your house?

Mini fridges are best fit small places, portable and affordable for anyone. Let’s explore the parts of your home where you can place your favorite mini fridge.

Your bedroom: It’s convenient to keep some snacks and drinks. You can use a custom-made shelf for it. Make sure you leave enough space for sufficient ventilation.

The kitchen: This is always the best place for a fridge. If you have small kitchen, a mini fridge is a good choice. You can choose a countertop or under-counter mini fridge for easy installation. Give it enough space on all the sides for well ventilated. It’s best to place it near a socket that you can permanently dedicate to your mini refrigerator.

The living room: A mini fridge in the living will make you feel comfort and easily access your food or drinks. It should be put in the corner and have at least 3 inches off the floor for good ventilation.

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Where to avoid putting a mini fridge?

The place you put a mini fridge may affect its function. There are some places that you should not put a mini fridge.

Don’t place it on a carpet

Putting a fridge on a carpet will hamper the ventilation as the carpet traps the heat and block the airflow to the exterior part of the mini fridge.

In case the fridge is designed with coil at the bottom, you should not put it on the carpet. Because the fridge may burn through the carpet with high temperature. Also, it will gradually stop working when in bad ventilation condition.

Never put the fridge on its side

When tilted or laid sideways, oil can flow from the compressor to the cooling coils. Because the oil is thick and viscous, it can make the coil being clogged. This prevents refrigerant gas from flowing through them and as a result your refrigerator will not cool.

Do not put it near other heat source

When operating, fridge releases heat. Therefore, you should not put your mini fridge near another heat source. The fridge must work harder to combat the outside heat, so its lifespan will be shorter.


You absolutely can use a cabinet to put a mini fridge. There are factors you need to consider when choosing a suitable place for your fridge. You should follow the steps to install it properly.

Hope this article provides you with useful information and helps you find a suitable location for refrigerator.


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