Smart Refrigerator and Its Features – New Trend of the Times

Smart Refrigerator and Its Features

As the era of Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly developing, its technologies are applied to every corner of life, making our lives more and more convenient. The need to preserve food is the main reason why the demand for refrigerator products is increasing. However, as the world becomes more and more modern, at the same time there are more new needs appearing for the refrigerator. And do you know that today, the refrigerator does not just stop at the usual purpose of creating ice cubes, cool water bottles or keeping food, but it also integrates many other smart features. Smart refrigerators are the newest generation of refrigerators today.

So what are smart refrigerators and what features make them special? Why should we own them? Please refer to the sharing below from the article to help you get the most accurate answer for yourself. Let’s have a look together now.

Smart refrigerator with great features- New trend of the times

This is also a product in the smart home ecosystem (Smart House). Perhaps we are too familiar with smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, … so what about smart refrigerators?

A smart refrigerator is a regular refrigerator with a touch screen interface integrated, including an internal camera and the ability to connect to the internet via wifi to provide some additional features. Depending on the built-in features, smart refrigerators allow you to perform conveniences such as:

  • Use your smartphone to see what’s inside the fridge
  • Send and receive notes, calendars appear on the refrigerator screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps the refrigerator connect with other smart devices in the house such as connecting to external speakers, smart TVs, even microwaves or smart dishwashers

The smart refrigerator will fully meet the criteria from delicate and luxurious design to quality, durability, usage and control. All bring absolute satisfaction to users. It can be affirmed that a smart refrigerator is a friendly product with many outstanding advantages that any consumer wishes to be able to own.

Smart refrigerators are becoming popular
Samsung smart refrigerators are becoming more and more popular

Great benefits of smart refrigerator for your home

Refrigerator is an indispensable item in every modern kitchen to assist housewives in long-term food preservation. In addition to the inherent cold keeping function, the new generation refrigerators are also equipped with more conveniences for users.

Antibacterial and deodorizing feature

Each row has its own different antibacterial technologies based on bactericidal and bactericidal factors such as Silver Ion (Ag+), activated carbon (Carbon), UV rays… Each technology has its own unique characteristics. Various advantages help to remove most bacteria, mold and unpleasant odors, return fresh air to the refrigerator. These features in a smart refrigerator increase the efficiency of preserving food fresher for longer.

Multi-way cooling system

The cooling system with cold air is blown from many doors in different positions to help cold air quickly be delivered to every corner of the cabinet, thereby maintaining a uniform temperature in the cabinet, and a stable humidity that helps products stay fresher longer.

External control panel

Some high-end, new-generation refrigerators are designed with an external temperature control panel. This allows you to easily observe and customize the temperature inside the refrigerator without having to open the door many times.

Use the water dispenser from the outside

The refrigerator is designed with a water tank inside and a faucet outside, just fill the tray with water. You will have a cool water source right when you need it with just one operation without having to open the cabinet much leading to cold air loss.

Automatic ice making feature

Refrigerator with automatic ice-making technology has a water container, inside the container will have a booster pump. When we give any water, the water will be pumped to the automatic ice-making drawer, and ice after making will fall into the container. Some refrigerators also have a feature to take out ice without opening the refrigerator.

Soft freezer compartment

Soft freezing is a technology to preserve fresh food like ice cream or soft served items without being completely frozen. This technology helps food only slightly freeze the surface but still retain the softness inside. A thin layer of ice will be created to completely cover the outside of the food, thereby isolating the food from the outside air, effectively preventing oxidation, as well as the invasion of bacteria. Different brands will have soft freezing technology at different temperatures of -1°C, -3°C, -7°C, bringing different efficiency and storage time.

a smart refrigerator
Buying a smart refrigerator will not make you regret it

Portable rock box

The ice box has a removable design, not fixed to the cabinet, users can flexibly change the position in the freezer according to their liking. They can also move the ice tray out of the freezer to store more food. The ice-making tray has twisted shape, the user just needs to add water and rotate it slightly. The ice will fall into the container, you can continue to refill the next batch of ice.

Holiday mode

When you have to leave the house for a long time such as work or travel, if the cabinet operates normally, it will consume electricity. If the cabinet is completely disconnected, it will easily generate mold and bacteria. Some modern refrigerators have the Holiday feature, which maintains the optimal temperature to prevent mold and bacteria from growing while still saving electricity for users. This is also one of the special features in a smart refrigerator.

Humidity balance vegetable compartment

The fruit and vegetable compartments are designed separately, closed to limit water loss. Besides, some models have a moisture balance system, maintaining optimal humidity to help vegetables stay fresh and succulent for a long time.

Door in Door

Door-in-door refrigerators have an advanced dual-door design with a small door integrated on the main door. The Door in Door frame is extremely thin, combined with the shelves on the main door to help create an extra smart storage space. Users can easily organize and get commonly used foods without opening the door. Main door, thus helping to reduce cold air loss up to 41 – 46.5%, saving electricity optimally compared to conventional refrigerators.

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Wi-Fi connection for remote control

With just one SmartPhone, you can control the refrigerator temperature or activate quick cooling. At the same time, you can diagnose the condition of the refrigerator immediately, so that the refrigerator can adjust itself, repair when there is a small problem.

The door bell

When you open the refrigerator door for too long or negligently do not close the refrigerator, the refrigerator will automatically sound an alarm to help you promptly close the door, limiting the loss of cold air that affects the temperature in the refrigerator. It also helps the refrigerator save energy.

Outstanding features of the new touch interface

The touch screen is quite familiar to us. It has appeared on many devices such as phones, computers, watches…. Have you ever imagined, if equipped with a touch screen refrigerator, what functions will it have?

  1. Look up recipes and even a smart fridge that can help read the steps while you’re cooking. This is a very convenient feature for housewives, helping to shorten cooking time and also make it easier to try a new dish.
  2. Create a list of foods to add when syncing with a smartphone. You can easily view your refrigerator and plan to buy food right at work.
  3. Set the date and get the expiration date of the food. Making this list enables you to manage the food inside the refrigerator more carefully. Besides, it helps you to remember to use the food before the expired date.
  4. Upload a photo to the smart fridge’s screen or let you look inside the fridge without opening the door through the transparent screen. Helps increase the aesthetics and modernity of the house.
  5. Create individual profiles for each family member to send personal notes and to-do lists. Use the whiteboard option to leave a message for the family. If you often write notes on the refrigerator, this will be a great thing.

Samsung Smart Fridge

The Samsung smart refrigerator

Special features – the reasons you should use a smart refrigerator

Flexible adjustment

Thanks to the ability to connect to a smartphone via wifi, you can completely adjust the custom parameters on the refrigerator when away from home. It enables you to increase or decrease the temperature of the refrigerator, freezer, and automatically make ice with just one touch.

Indirect monitoring and checking

Smart refrigerators have been programmed to recognize what types of products are being stored inside and track the goods through the camera. From there, the refrigerator can determine when it needs to replenish a certain food item through the list of foods you previously included in the refrigerator data. This helps you save time and control your nutrition.

Helps in efficient energy monitoring

Surely, none of us knows that a regular refrigerator will operate 24/24 so it is the appliance that consumes the most electricity in every family’s kitchen. And a smart refrigerator has the ability to automatically synchronize with the grid system as well as automatically to schedule a cycle to help thaw. These integrated automatic sensors will significantly reduce energy consumption for the user.

Extremely smart action

Next, smart refrigerators also play an important role in connecting with portable devices via wifi. So we can easily control and use it conveniently, without spending much time waiting.

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Easy voice control

Smart refrigerators also stand out for their ability to easily control by voice. This feature will help you to easily adjust the temperature and monitor the operation of the refrigerator.

Check the fridge door

When the refrigerator door is open for too long or you forget to close the door, the smart refrigerator will immediately send a notification to you. If there is no response, it will automatically close the door to reduce energy loss and save power.

Smart refrigerators

You can use the smart refrigerator as a means of communication and home entertainment

Common concerns when buying a smart refrigerator

Are smart refrigerators much more expensive than conventional refrigerators?

Because of the technological value, it is obvious that smart refrigerators will be more expensive than conventional refrigerators. However, the difference is not much, and there are currently many discount programs with many models from big brands. It all depends on the refrigerator you choose and its brand.

Can my smart fridge get hacked?

Many people may have this question. Typically, all technology devices will connect to the Internet and use the same Wi-Fi access. You should set up your modem or router with an appropriate security configuration to ensure the safety of all Internet-connected devices in your home.

Is the repair more expensive than a regular refrigerator?

Depends on the case. The hardware repair fee of the refrigerator will be similar to that of a regular refrigerator. However, if the case is to repair special features such as the hands-free door opening sensor, touch screen or speakerphone, then you will need a professional who knows about engineering related to computer technology.

Will my smart refrigerator quickly become obsolete?

The manufacturer equips a Wi-Fi connection feature to help you solve this problem. You can access and download new software updates and install more modern features. This update makes smart refrigerators worthy of the two words “smart” for a long time. And of course, not out of date quickly.


LG Smart Refrigerators

Which are the popular smart refrigerators?

Currently, a few manufacturers make smart refrigerators. The most popular smart fridges come mostly from LG, Samsung, GE (under its Café brand) and some other companies such as:

  • LG Signature InstaView ThinQ
  • LG Signature InstaView
  • Samsung Family Hub
  • Samsung FoodShowcase
  • GE Café
  • GE Profile Refrigerator
  • Kenmore Smart 74145
  • Bosch Serie 6

A quick recap

The answer to the question of whether to buy a smart refrigerator depends on many different factors such as the needs, preferences and capabilities of each person. You should consider your needs and abilities to be able to choose a smart refrigerator that suits your needs.

Currently on the market there are countless places to sell smart refrigerators. You should consider and learn carefully about quality, origin and brand before buying as well as looking for reputable stores to avoid buying poor quality products.

Hopefully, the sharing of the article given above will help you better understand what a smart refrigerator is as well as its features and why you should buy a smart refrigerator.


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