Can You Freeze Hot Dogs Twice?

Can you freeze hot dogs

Hotdogs are used in parties, barbecues, and many other foods around the world. They are delicious as well as affordable, and you can use them immediately, or cook them for later. However, hotdogs come in large amounts, which sometimes can not be consumed in one go. So you will want to preserve it. One of the possible solutions is freezing. How to freeze and thaw hotdogs correctly? And can you freeze hot dogs twice? Let’s find out.

Can you freeze hot dogs twice?

You can surely freeze hot dogs and then defrost them for later use. You can freeze the hot dogs in their packaging and separate too. Freezing has some benefits compared to just putting the hot dogs in the fridge.

While you can store the hotdogs in the fridge for about a week after opening the packages, you can freeze and leave the hot dogs inside the freezer for up to 2 months.

But after thawing, your hot dogs shouldn’t be back in freezer. It means your hotdogs cannot be frozen twice. Refreezing may spoil the food because bacteria will grow easily. Therefore, consider taking enough for your needs, try to use up or you should discard the hot dogs after 1 or 2 days.

How to freeze hot dogs correctly?

It’s ideal to freeze the hotdogs separately, even though freezing the whole hotdog packages is easier.

When you freeze the hot dogs in the packages, you’ll find it difficult to remove the hotdogs from the brine since the hotdogs stick together. As a result, you can only take out the whole batch to use.

Separating the hot dogs before freezing solves the service problems. Here are the steps to freeze the hot dogs for easier removal:

  1. Prepare your hotdogs, some wax papers, and freezer bags.
  2. Lay 1 sheet of wax paper on a flat surface, then place the hot dogs so that there are spaces between them, and the hot dogs cover half of the length of the wax paper.
  3. Fold the paper wax in top of the hot dogs, and then place the same number of hot dogs on top of the paper wax so that the new hot dogs fill up the spaces mentioned in step 1. With this way, the hot dogs are separated by the wax paper while saving spaces.
  4. Put the wrapped hot dogs in the freezer bags, then put the bags in the freezer. Remember to write the dates on the bags to keep track of their time in the freezer since as mentioned, you can only store frozen hot dogs for 2 months.

The hot dogs will take about 24 hours to freeze completely. With this method, you can quickly freeze the hot dogs and bring out a desired amount of hot dogs out for later use instead of having to take everything out at once.

Before reusing the frozen hot dogs, you’ll have to defrost them.

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How to defrost hot dogs?

There are many methods to defrost hotdogs. It’s up to your preference and circumstances to choose one that fits you the most.

Using microwave

You can defrost the hot dogs using the defrosting function of a microwave

  1. Take out the amount of hot dogs that you need to use.
  2. Place the frozen hot dogs on the microwave plate, but don’t let them overlap, then put paper towels above the hotdogs to soak up the water that will come out as the hot dogs defrost.
  3. Set the microwave on 30% power and cook them from 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time so that the hot dogs aren’t cooked.

Using cold water

  1. Put the frozen hot dogs inside a new freezer bag, then seal the bag completely
  2. Put the bag in cold water, make sure that the water didn’t touch the hot dogs.
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You should check the hot dogs once every 30 minutes, but only leave the hot dogs in cold water for about 2 hours. If the hot dogs are soft to touch, they are ready for cooking.

Using refrigerator

You just need to put the frozen hot dogs on a plate and put them in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Tips for freezing hotdogs

Freezing the hot dogs properly is important to keep them safe in freezer. However, there are some tips you can apply for better results.

  • Do not use the original packaging

Try to remove the hotdogs from their original packaging before freezing. There is a high chance the hotdogs packaging will contain some liquid. If you don’t remove the hotdogs from the packaging, the liquid inside the packaging will freeze the make the hotdogs stick together.

As a result, you will need to defrost all of the hotdogs at the same time, which may lead to wasted hotdogs.

With that being said, whether you remove the hotdogs from the packaging or not, it won’t affect the taste, so it’s not entirely wrong to throw the unopened bag in the freezer.

  • Label the bag clearly

Because you may have different frozen items in freezer, this method is helpful for you to distinguish what is what (like meats, fish or other frozen vegetables). After frozen, many of them will look similar, so writing clear labels is vital to shorten the time of finding food.

  • Freeze hot dogs in portions 

To make it convenient for cooking time, you should consider how may hot dogs you will cook in one time and should freeze them with the same numbers.

  • Store it as a meal

You can also put a pasta sauce, a pie, or a stew with hot dogs to make a complete meal and freeze your meal. It can be frozen well.

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Related questions

Is it good for your health if you eat a hot dog every day?

A hot dog usually contains beef, poultry, pork, water, spices, sugar, nitrites, nitrates, and artificial sweeteners and colors, so they are often high in sugar and sodium. If you eat a hot dog every day, it tends to be bad for your health.

Therefore, you should consume a moderate number of hot dogs and use healthier toppings like fresh lettuce, and tomatoes. You can also choose a whole-wheat bun with fiber and reduce the amount of condiments.

Do hot dogs freeze well?

Yes, most hot dogs can freeze well. However, the freezing time depends on the ingredients used or the way they are made. In general, hot dogs can be frozen safely within 2 or 3 months if you freeze them correctly.

Can I freeze cheese hotdogs?

Yes, you can. Like other common hot dogs, cheese hot dogs can stay good in freezer for about 2 or 3 months. Cheddar cheese is usually used in making hot dogs, if other types of cheese is utilized, they both have no problem for freezing.

How long can an opened package of hotdogs be stored in the fridge?

After opening, your hotdogs will be safe with good quality in the refrigerator for no more than a week if you packed and sealed them carefully or use a proper fridge container.

If you plan to keep them for long period, you should place them in freezer right after buying from stores when they are fresh and at the highest quality. The later you put them in freezer, the more they lose their texture and taste.


Hotdogs are the most common in America as you can find them everywhere from public places, in families and fast-food restaurants. They are also convenient in many families around the world. However, do not eat too many hot dogs as they are not good for your health in the long run.

Overall, you can freeze leftover hotdogs and use them later. Also, you should make the hotdogs separated before freezing, and use them within 2 months. Just keep in mind that hot dogs should not be frozen twice.


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