Issues Affected the Wine Fridge Not Cooling and How to Fix

Wine Fridge Not Cooling

Sometimes you can encounter some troubles with your wine cooler. Do you realize that the wine coming out of the wine fridge is still warm to your touch? Next, you spend your time checking all around your wine cooler. The power is on and the lights turn on. What are the troubles? In this blog, you will find out more about issues related to the wine fridge not cooling.

Typical reasons for your wine fridge not cooling

There are many common reasons why your wine fridge not cooling properly. Some are easy to spot, while others take some time to look around and may require you to disassemble some parts of the fridge to some extent. Here are some factors to consider.

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In reality,  you can explore a wide range of popular reasons why the wine fridge cannot operate effectively. Could you discover that the wine might not keep cool properly or might not chill? Let’s come with me to gain a deeper insight into common reasons for that matter.

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You set the thermostat inappropriately

Sometimes, users sets the thermostat very carelessly. In other words, the thermostat is too high. The high thermostat might lead to the wine fridge operating badly. Thus, I am sure that the wine might not guarantee a stable temperature.

At the same time, some sensors which let you know the temperature of the thermostat can be out of order and should be troubleshot as soon as possible.

Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat
Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat

Bad operation of the compressor

The compressor wine fridge will take advantage of the vapor compression phase to take out of heat from the cabinet’s interior.

The refrigerant which absorbs the heat and offers cool air might not operate effectively in case the compressor works wrongly. It is among the popular issues why your wine fridge cannot cool for a long period.

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Dirty evaporator coils

Another reason that causes your wine fridge not to cool is the dirty evaporator coils. In other words, the fridge evaporator coil is crucial for the fridge phase which regularly creates the internal fridge cold. When the gas has moved via the condenser coils in the back, this starts cooling down and returns to the liquid again. As usual, dirt and dust naturally accumulate on the evaporator coil if the coil isn’t cleaned regularly. Moreover, the accumulation of ice and dirt will prevent the coolant from controlling the wine. It might cause overheating. From that, your wine fridge cannot operate perfectly.

The evaporator coil is super dirty
The evaporator coil is super dirty

Dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils evaporate the heat as the liquid moves along with them. The dirty condenser coil might pose a threat to your wine fridge. It results in overheating and limits the fridge from controlling the proper temperature of the wine.

The condenser coil is filled fully with dirt
The condenser coil is filled fully with dirt

 Fluid leakage

The final problem of the wine fridge not cooling is an unexpected leak from your system of the wine fridge. In this situation, condensation will happen, and you can see the rise of humidity. Both of them lead to poor temperature in your wine fridge. Gradually, the wine fridge cannot operate properly.

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How to solve the problems of the wine fridge not cooling?

Now that you detected the reasons why your particular wine fridge fails to cool the wine, here are some solutions for each situation:

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According to the reasons above, this section will help you deal with all matters of the wine fridge not cooling. Let’s come with me to explore more about the useful solutions below.

1. Set up the thermostat correctly

When your thermostat is super high, the ideal method for this problem is to reset it to the default state. It might be completed by hitting the override button. However, if the issue still happens, you have to substitute another thermostat.

2. Clean the debris

It is crucial to clean the debris nearby the parts and fan. Next, you have to ensure that the ice can melt easily before you plug it in. In reality, this solution can support you to troubleshoot the issue rapidly.

On top of it, bear in mind to check the manual guide of the compressor before you start using the wine fridge. Finally, the final way to handle this matter is to substitute the compressor in case it isn’t working properly.

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3. Check and clean evaporator coils

To tackle this matter, you have to invest your time in checking the entire evaporator carefully and regularly to realize if ice buildup appears. In this circumstance, you need to thaw the ice and sanitize the coils right away.

Apart from it, make sure the fan blades are not broken because it plays a crucial role in ventilating the air effectively in the future. At this moment, your wine fridge can be capable of chilling the wine to the proper temperature. Last but not least, ensure that the dust and debris are eliminated completely.

4. Clean the condenser coils frequently

Make sure that your condenser fan can spin effectively and that the compressor does not lead to unexpected noises. Then, keep in mind to clean condenser coils monthly because it could save a lot of energy.

Besides, check if your wine fridge is good. If this is not, a coolant might not work appropriately. From that, the fridge will operate slowly and badly.

5. Evaluate and decrease condensation

In this problem, you should check your wine fridge to find the cracks. Do not forget to decrease the condensation of it. All you need to do is try to open it carefully. Next, maintain the wine fridge set at a proper temperature (Over 51 degrees). Keeping the fridge to the best temperature can avoid condensation and protect the wine effectively.

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See “How to fix a Wine Fridge Not Cooling”


1. Can hot air influence the efficiency of your wine fridge?

Sure. Hot air can play an important role in the cooling efficiency of the fridge since this boosts additional strain above various parts of the fridge. In addition, that might result in part malfunctions if not troubleshot properly. Thus, bear in mind to stay your device far away from heat.

2. Is it useful to transfer the wine fridge to the cooler room assistance?

Of course. Transferring the wine fridge to the cooler room might enhance its efficiency. That is since cool air drops, demonstrating that putting the equipment in a particular zone with a suitable temperature might lessen the heat it operates during cooling down.

3. What could I do to keep the wine fridge in a good condition?

On top of making frequent checks, it is vital to ensure the seals near the door are not dirty. Next, guarantee the wine fridge is stocked with suitable types of food because that might make sure the ideal temperature inside.

Wrapping it up

I believe that you can gain a deeper outlook on the typical problems of wine fridges not cooling and related solutions for those issues. If you need help involved in the wine fridge not cooling, please return to this blog post immediately. Thank you so much for caring.


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