Koolatron Cooler not Cooling – How to Fix

Koolatron cooler not cooling

During use, the Koolatron cooler sometimes encounters problems that make its cooling process problematic. The fact that the cooler is not cold is annoying and worries users. There are many reasons affecting the operation of a cooler, and if you don’t have any information about it, it will be difficult for you to fix the problem correctly. Let us guide you through the causes and ways to repair the Koolatron cooler not cooling so that your home appliance is quickly repaired and working properly.

Koolatron cooler is not cooling – Why?

There are many reasons why your Koolatron cooler is not cooling, and you should consult and consider the causes of your cooler having this problem to quickly and promptly repair it to avoid the damage becoming worse.

Repairing electrical equipment will become much easier when you understand its general principles and how it works. Usually, the Koolatron cooler does not make remarkable due to the following reasons:

The thermostat is faulty

The thermostat is the part of the cooler that determines the temperature of the Koolatron cooler. When the thermostat breaks and needs replacing, your Koolatron cooler will not be able to function correctly.

The condenser fan is not working

The condenser fan is what keeps the compressor and its internals cool. The inactivity of the condenser fan will cause the compressor and other components to heat up, affecting the refrigerator’s temperature.

Condenser coil is damaged

If the condenser coil is restricted from absorbing heat due to damage or dirt, your cooler will overheat and prevent refrigerant from working inside it.

Except for the above causes, there are other causes related to the refrigerator door, the power source and plug, relays, and the circuit breaker.

There are many reasons why your Koolatron cooler is not cooling
There are many reasons why your Koolatron cooler is not cooling

How to fix

Power source and plug

Power supply and plugs are factors that few people pay attention to, and this is also the most precise cause to fix when your Koolatron cooler is not cold. You just need to check the power connection of the refrigerator and the power from the outlet. When the power supply is stable, your device will quickly function normally.

Power supply and plugs are factors that few people pay attention to
Power supply and plugs are factors that few people pay attention to


Thermostats can be repaired or replaced when problems arise. You can thoroughly perform thermostat-related operations if you have the skills and knowledge to fix refrigerator-related issues. However, we recommend you return the damaged thermostat because if it is repaired, it is effortless to have the same problem.

Cooler door

The door with an open gasket will cause cold air inside to leak and infiltrate high temperatures from outside, resulting in the Koolatron cooler not cooling. You can change the door gasket easily. However, if the cooler doesn’t cool because you forgot to close the door, you can just keep the door closed.

Condenser coil

As you know, the condenser coil has to be cleaned periodically to avoid the accumulation of dirt. You use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to clean the stains on the condenser coil. Don’t forget to disconnect the power when cleaning.


Compressor failure is a pretty severe problem. The compressor misused will very quickly be damaged. Therefore, when you detect issues related to the compressor, you need to repair and fix them immediately. Because the compressor is very easy to lead to conditions associated with fire and explosion if it is too hot, you should consult experts or technicians for assistance when repairing or replacing the compressor.

The relay, circuit breaker

A faulty relay or circuit breaker will prevent the Koolatron cooler from starting, resulting in it not cooling. You should check, repair or replace it if necessary. The operation of replacing relays and circuit breakers is quite simple.


1. How can I fix the Koolatron cooler not cooling when I don’t know the cause of the problem?

You can completely step by step until the Koolatron cooler is working correctly by checking each part for damage. Sometimes, the cause of the Koolatron cooler not cooling comes from many parts of the machine.

2. When should I contact a technician?

If your Koolatron cooler has problems, you can contact a technician anytime. However, we recommend you only ask for help when you cannot solve it yourself, as that will save you better. Besides, please contact a technician when you have tried all the above methods, but they do not work.

3. What are the first things I should check if the Koolatron cooler is not cooling?

First, you should do simple operations like checking the following parts to find the problems:

  • Whether the outlet has power
  • Check the power cord for leaks or damage
  • Check the machine door for leaks
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4. When I find a part of the Koolatron cooler damaged, can I buy a replacement part from another company?

Possible but not recommended. Usually, the right parts from the proper unit manufacturer will keep the more excellent running efficiently and with much less damage than replacing a domain from another brand. Therefore, we recommend that you look for parts provided by Koolatron to repair when your machine has problems.

5. What are the common mistakes that can ruin your cooler?

See “Common Mistakes That Will RUIN Your Cooler”

Koolatron coolers for your reference

1. Koolatron 14 Quart (13 L)

With a capacity of 13 liters, this soft-sided cooler can hold up to 20 standard soda cans and can be collapsed when empty to save storage space. Multiple exterior pockets and a built-in cord compartment allow you to organize and store your foods without taking up much space.

This cooler is light, easy to carry and easy to clean. Additionally, it features a durable canvas exterior, dual handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

2. Koolatron 29 Quart (27.4 L)

The thermoelectric cooler/warmer comes with a 12V DC adapter for on-the-go use in your car, truck or boat. Also, it is compatible with AC power for indoor. It can hold up to 48 standard soft drink cans.

3. Koolatron Kool Wheeler 36 Quart (34L)

It can hold up to 57 standard 12 oz cans.  You can use it in chill mode to safely store foods and keep snacks and drinks cool on the go, or switch to reheat to take home or transport hot dishes to a family gathering.

4. Koolatron 45 Qt (42 L)

This cooler features a secure magnetic door seal and removable shelves that allow you to place it as a vintage-style cooler or on the side as a front-opening mini-fridge.

Referring to the heating and cooling functions, it is able cool to 40°F (22°C) below ambient temperature or warms to 140°F (60°C). At the same time, it uses less energy than your car’s taillights.

5. Koolatron 52 Quart (49 L)

This Koolatron cooler comes with a 12V DC adapter for on-the-go use in your car, truck or boat. It is also compatible with AC power for indoor. However, the adapter is sold separately.

Alternatives to Koolatron coolers

1. Arctic Zone Cooler

  • Exterior Dimensions (LxWxH):     16.5 x 11 x 12.75 inches
  • Interior Dimensions (LxW xH):      12.7 x 7.6 x 10.2 inches
  • Weight:                                                4.19 Pounds
  • Size:                                                      30 Can

Equipped with a “flip open” Zipperless lid for quick access to food and beverages.

It has an extremely safe leak-proof layer; the inner lining is easy to clean; adjustable Backsaver shoulder strap with padded shoulder for convenient use. Also, it’s water and stain resistant, easy to wipe off the exterior.

2. Arctic Zone cooler with wheels

  • External Dimensions (LxWxH):     14.75 x 15.5 x 19 inches
  • interior dimensions (L x W x H):   13.25 x 12 x 14.75 inches
  • Weight:                                                6.77 pounds

It is resistant to water and stains and is easy to clean. Features an adjustable Backsaver shoulder strap with non-slip shoulder pads that bring comfort for users.

3. Coleman Portable Cooler with wheels

  • Dimensions LxWxH:          29.26’’ x 16.08’’ x 18.32’’
  • Weight:                             15.6 Pounds
  • Capacity:                          62 Quarts
  • Material:                           Plastic

This cooler is capable of keeping your food and drinks cold for a long time, up to 5 days. This Coleman cooler uses an insulated lid and additional insulation in the walls to keep your items cold for longer. It’s also large enough to hold 95 cans, enough to supply drinks for a whole group of people.

4. Coleman Ice Chest

  • Dimensions LxWxH:     36.9 x 17.3 x 18 inches
  • Capacity:                          100 Quarts
  • Material:                           Plastic
  • Weight:                             20.37 Pounds

Lid and body keep ice for up to 5 days at temperatures as high as 90°F. The heavy-duty 6-inch wheels and durable handles are designed for easy transport. The closed lid supports up to 250 lbs. and can keep drinks from spilling.

It can hold up to 160 cans, easily cleanup with leak-proof drain plug.

5. Igloo iceless cooler

  • Dimensions LxWxH:     12.87 x 16.65 x 18.23 inches
  • Capacity:                          26 Liters
  • Weight:                             4540 Grams
  • Insulation Material:       Polyethylene

Cools without ice and gives you more room for food and drinks. It is designed with a curved back that hugs your side comfortably when carrying. The quiet motor and fan convection cooling helps to circulate cold air.

6. Igloo polar cooler

  • Dimensions LxWxH:     38.58’’ x 16.93’’ x 18.11’’
  • Capacity:                          124 litres
  • Weight:                             19.9 pounds

Igloo Polar 120 Cooler, with Ultratherm insulation on the body and lid, can keep ice for up to 5 days, allowing you to go camping or fishing longer.

This oversized Igloo cooler has a capacity of 120 quart, holding 188 12 oz. cans. The reinforced handle has a lanyard and double latches that close tightly to keep the lid tightly closed. The Igloo Polar 120 Cooler also has a drain plug which is very convenient.


You need to know when your Koolatron cooler isn’t cooling. Remember the solutions above and apply step by step when you encounter similar problems. If you have tried, but it doesn’t work, you should contact a technician. Never disassemble the cooler and its components without installation experience and skills. I hope the article will effectively support you.



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