Is Frozen Pizza Healthy?

Is frozen pizza healthy

Currently, there are many types of frozen pizza with many different flavors. It can be found easily in supermarkets or even pizza chains. Just pop the frozen pizza in the microwave and let it do its job for 15 to 20 minutes, and you’ve got a hot and delicious pizza. However, is frozen pizza healthy? Let’s see.

Frozen pizza

Frozen pizza is a very convenient option for meals that do not need to take too much time. Moreover, it will be complicated to get a pizza that is beautiful in appearance and delicious in taste if you are not a professional chef or skillful in the kitchen. Instead of going to expensive restaurants, you can choose frozen pizzas that are prepared with the flavors and toppings you want.

Tips when looking to buy frozen pizza:

  • Pick the topping of your favorite ingredients.
  • Choose low-carb pizzas if you are on a diet.
  • Try cake base that suits your taste including crispy base, Italian-style base and bread sole.
  • Consider the oven, microwave or pan size you use and choose the pizza size accordingly.

Is frozen pizza healthy?

Frozen pizza is not really harmful to health. If you eat it in sufficient quantity, then it will not harm your health. Many people think that frozen pizza is detrimental to health and put it in the category of fast food, but this thinking is entirely wrong. The healthiness of frozen pizza lies in your diet and eating choices.

Suppose you are concerned about the health of frozen pizza in your body. You can rest assured if you don’t use frozen pizza too often. Frozen pizza ingredients all pass the inspection and ensure the safety of health. Frozen pizza can be frozen for a long time. However, you should pay attention to the shelf life and the manufacturer’s notes on the freezing period of the product.

Frozen pizza is not really harmful to health
Frozen pizza is not really harmful to health

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What if you regularly eat frozen pizza

Frozen pizza is not healthy food. In general, frozen pizza is a processed and frozen food, so if you follow a healthy diet like eating clean or losing weight, you should consider not using too much-frozen pizza. Remember, you can eat it, but not too often.

Some of the health problems that can occur if you consume too much of these frozen processed foods are:

Weight gain

Frozen pizza does not make you gain weight immediately. However, the amount of bad fat and calories in frozen pizza is relatively high, and you will gain weight if you eat it regularly. The researchers pointed out that people who consume frozen and fast food regularly will, on average, weigh 3-5kg more than people who eat a healthy diet.

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Studies show that the difference between calories taken in and calories burned determines whether you gain or lose weight. Therefore, you can still eat frozen pizza without worrying about gaining weight if you have the proper exercising time.

You will gain weight if you eat frozen pizza regularly
You will gain weight if you eat frozen pizza regularly

Feeling sluggish

Many people will find the body sluggish after eating frozen pizza continuously. This is a response of the body. Frozen pizza is high in saturated fat, which stimulates you to eat more, leading to consuming large amounts of frozen pizza. Eating pizza too full makes the body feel uncomfortable, indigestion, and sluggish.


Another substance in frozen pizza that needs attention when used is sodium, which is common in frozen foods. The amount of sodium in frozen pizza exceeds what you should consume in a day, thus leading to unexplained headaches. Research on the link between sodium and headaches has been proven and recommended.

Mood goes down

Sometimes too much convenience quickly leads to negative feelings and depression. Cooking frozen pizza takes only 10-15 minutes using the microwave. This makes many people take advantage and forget about cooking at home.

According to studies, cooking time helps people’s emotions develop in a positive direction. People who regularly spend time cooking are less susceptible to negative emotions.

Heart disease

The amount of sodium in frozen pizza leads to headaches and quickly causes diseases related to blood pressure and heart disease. Not only frozen pizza but all frozen foods can also become agents for heart-related disease.

If you have some heart or blood pressure problems, I recommend that you do not use frozen pizza regularly in your meals.

How often should you eat pizza?

According to nutritionists, you should not eat pizza more than 2 or 3 times a month. Don’t make it part of your daily diet.

In addition, children should be limited and used less than adults. Because during childhood development, you must provide a varied and healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits for your child.

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How to eat frozen pizza in a healthy way

Frozen pizza isn’t all bad, and you can still use it healthily. By understanding the following selection principles, you can buy frozen pizza products that are as low in sodium and saturated fat and as healthy as possible.

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Reduce your pizza size

Choose a medium-sized pizza over a large pizza. It can make a huge nutritional difference on every slice of pizza. The larger a slice of cake, the higher the amount of fat, saturated fat, sodium, and calories it contains.

Choose thin base pizza

Most of the damage of pizza lies in the base because they are not only full of calories but also have no nutritional value. Baking powder will increase insulin levels, making you want to eat more. Therefore, it is better to get a thin crust version instead of a thick or stuffed pizza.

Add more vegetables

You can lower the glycemic index of pizza, a measure of how quickly blood sugar rises for certain foods, by adding fiber and protein. Fresh vegetables and lean meats are the best toppings because they make you feel full for a longer time.

Any vegetable makes a healthier side dish than meat. Most vegetables pair well with pizza. Veggie pizzas tend to be lower in calories and lower in fat – and there’s a surprising variety of options.

Skip the dips and start with a salad

Usually, these dips contain significant amounts of fat and calories. It’s better to use some version of garlic butter or ranch dipping sauce. Researchers now found that people who ate a large salad dressing (about 3 cups) before a meal ate 12 percent fewer calories, even if the calories in the salad are included.

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Read the nutrition label on the package

This is something not to be missed. To choose a healthy product, look at the amount of saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates in frozen pizza. Usually, food companies will have two ways of expressing this information by providing the quantity per slice or the whole slice. You should look carefully to choose the correct one.

All frozen pizzas have nutritional information printed on the packaging
All frozen pizzas have nutritional information printed on the packaging

Eliminate the calories and substances consumed

As mentioned above, you can overcome and get rid of the bad calories by having a healthier diet or doing calorie-burning sports. This is great if you love frozen pizza. However, do not forget that you should not eat frozen pizza too much and often.

Best frozen pizza you should try

Gourmet Kitchn-Red Baron

Red Baron is a famous pizza brand that was first launched in 1976.

With Red Baron Pizza, you can enjoy a classic pie, deep dish, french bread-style and more. The Red Baron Classic Pie Crust is something you need to order and try right now.

Classic Pepperoni Pizza-Red Baron

The Red Baron classic crust pepperoni pizza is made with zesty tomato sauce, 100% real cheese and topped with hearty pepperoni. It provides an excellent source of protein and a good source of calcium for your health.

Pizza has a classic crust, not too thick and not too thin, with just the right amount of crunch.

When you’re busy or tired, it’s easy to cook and enjoy your favorite pizza. Simply bake the frozen pizza on the oven rack at 400°F for 18-21 minutes. What you need is a freezer, the delicious pizza is always available whenever you need.

CAULIPOWER – Margherita Cauliflower Pizza

With this brand, you will love and enjoy the cauliflower pie crust. While vegetables are listed as the first ingredient (not flour like other brands), this gluten-free crust is sturdy enough for you to hold and eat with your hands.

The Margherita Cauliflower Pizza is great to keep in the freezer. You’ll enjoy pizza, even at night, without you having to do any prep work.

Amy’s Frozen Spinach Pizza

Spinach pizza is made with a combination of feta cheese, basil, organic spinach and melty mozzarella cheese.

You’ll be impressed by the light, soft, hand-stretched crust made with organic wheat flour and extra-virgin olive oil. It is non-GMO, Certified Kosher and contains no tree nuts.

Cakes are very suitable for vegetarian diets and Perfect for dinner, lunch, snacks and parties.

Amy’s Frozen Cheese Pizza

With the super thin crust on this frozen pizza, the different toppings have been carefully chosen. Amy’s Frozen Cheese Pizza always have the perfect amount of cheese and the rice crust will be crispy.

If you leave the cake in the oven for a minute or two longer than the box indicates, the crust will be crispier.

Jack’s Original Pizza Variety Pack

Jack’s is one of the most popular frozen pizzerias on the market and offers a wide variety of fillings to choose from.

Product variations include the original style, puff pastry crust and fries, a similar product to garlic bread that customers can dip in marinara sauce. Jack’s also offers unique cakes like Chicken Supreme and Bacon Cheeseburger.

Jack’s actually recommends baking their pizzas to get them done, rather than going the usual way and using the oven. If you’re new to baking, you should learn how to grill them safely.

Totino’s Party Pizza

Totino’s is best known for their pizza rolls. Also, Frozen pizza lovers also love Totino’s Party Pizza.

Totino’s frozen pizza has a variety of delicious fillings such as cheese, pepperoni, super tasty and many more.


Frozen pizza is not harmful but is also a perfect solution for busy days. Whether frozen pizza is healthy or not depends on how you choose and use it. As long as you don’t use frozen pizza too often and take the time if you have to cook healthy and exercise, your health is always guaranteed.


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