Which is the Best Small Ice Maker Under $100 on Amazon?

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The demand for small ice makers is increasing, especially in the summer, when many people need a large amount of ice for indoor use or outdoor trips. To save time, online shopping is also an effective solution. So, when buying an ice machine, what factors should be considered? On Amazon, which small ice maker is highly rated and has reasonably priced?

With an ice machine, it will provide a source of pure, clean ice to serve all the needs of refreshment, food and beverage preservation for your family members. This article will answer these questions and other related questions about small ice makers.

Benefits of small portable ice makers

Owning a small ice machine is extremely convenient for home or for a small bar, restaurant.

  • Make ice quickly, meet the needs immediately: Some machines only need to wait 10-20 minutes to have ice.
  • The ice cubes created are pure: The ice water has passed through the filter in the machine before freezing. Products meet food safety standards, can be consumed immediately.
  • Actively source for ice: Households or owners of small restaurants and bars can estimate their needs and buy the machine to suit the business.
  • Cost saving: Save more energy than making ice from the refrigerator.

Which is the best small ice maker under $100 on Amazon?

To choose the most suitable ice maker, you can pick one of the followings, depending on your reference. They are both under $100 on Amazon and highly rated. However, Euhomy will bring you more option in colors.


  • Auto self-cleaning function
  • Can make 26 pounds of ice per day
  • User-friendly without any installment
  • Equipped with a high-efficiency compressor
  • Included a removable ice basket and an ice scoop


  • Work quietly
  • Efficient ice making
  • Quick cooling system
  • Healthy ice cube to use
  • Cover with transparent window
  • Make 9 ice cubes within only 6-8 minutes
  • Can produce up to 26.5 pounds of ice per day


  • Easy cleaning thanks to the side drain
  • Compact design fits neatly on counters
  • Produce 28 extra pounds of ice per day
  • Portable enough to use anywhere – indoors or outdoors
  • Create ice in 6 minutes – no waiting

Amazon fantastic sale on small ice maker


Save 20% when buying on Amazon.

  • Compact
  • Modern design
  • Easy transport
  • Stylish display
  • Best for use in small spaces like kitchens RVs, boats, dorm rooms,…


It’s on sales now with 38% off.

  • Perfect portable ice maker to fulfill your ice making needs
  • Produces up to 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Quick ice maker – Get new ice every 6 to 15 minutes28 pounds of ice is produced in a day
  • Fits in a compact space, for your kitchen counter, bar or patio

Igloo ICEB26RR

This ice maker is currently 34% off on Amazon.

  • Compact, stylish
  • Keep your drinks delicious and cool
  • Can make ice within 7 minutes
  • Produce 26 pounds of ice per day
  • With a viewing window
  • With LED control panel
  • Good choice for pool parties, home bars, dorm rooms, offices,….

Frigidaire EFIC108

It’s on sale with 20% off.

  • Ultra-quiet design
  • Work at less than 38 decibels Generates 9 stones every 7-15 minutes
  • Large see-through window for easy observation
  • A flush button to drain and clean your ice machine quickly and safely
  • An ice shovel is included for easy and hygienic removal of ice


You can save 29% on Amazon when buying this ice maker.

  • Compact, and looks great on any countertop
  • Large window on the lid
  • Make 26 pounds of ice cubes in a day
  • Comes with a basket easy to remove
  • With electronic control panel

Frigidaire EFIC452-SSRED XL

Current on sale with 26% off.

  • Top windows with full view
  • Huge ice production: 40lbs per day
  • With led screen
  • Ice hold capacity: 2.4 lbs of ice
  • Provided with ice shovel, ice basket, refrigeration compressor


Save 27% when buying the product.

  • Free and portable design
  • Generate 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Make 9 ice cubes in 15 minutes
  • Removable ice bucket for easy dispensing
  • Three ice -size to choose from
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Luma Comfort

Save 29% right now with Luma ice maker at Amazon.

  • Attractive and compact design
  • Perfect for countertops
  • Easy to set up and control
  • Get ice quickly, 15 minutes per cycle
  • Restaurant-quality, transparent ice
  • Great ice for any beverage
  • 28 pounds of ice can be produced daily

Frigidaire EFIC115

Currently on sale with 18% off.

  • Extra-large stainless steel ice maker
  • Easy to clean
  • Produce 48 pounds of ice per day 5-liter container
  • Make ice in less than 7 minutes.
  • Stores up to 2.6 pounds of ice at a time
  • Removable ice tray
  • With indicator and Warning light

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

Save 27% with this ice maker.

  • Compact design stores easily
  • Easy one-button control
  • Includes spoon and convenient ice basket
  • Generates up to 50 pounds of ice per day
  • Best option for RVs and apartments

Are small ice makers worth it?

Small ice makers are worth it as long as you use a lot of ice daily and have space for this new kitchen appliance. These appliances allow you to always have ice, and they are perfect for those who do not have a refrigerator with an ice maker or who use ice frequently.

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Small ice makes are portable and have different ice productivity, so you can easily buy the right device to meet your demands. Obviously, everyone has different needs when buying an ice maker. However, mentioning a small ice machine, people prefer a compact, portable, lightweight device so they can take it with them everywhere.

What to consider when buying a small portable ice maker under $100


Before you invest in an ice maker, consider how much space you have for the new appliance. If you plan to use the ice maker often, you’ll need space on the counter to store it.

When your kitchen is small, look for a more compact machine that measures less than 13 or 14 inches at the longest side. If you have more space at the counter, use a larger machine, as it will produce more ice.


If your ice maker is always on, you’ll appreciate a machine that’s quiet, doesn’t rattle or make noise constantly. Look for a device that produces less than 40 decibels of sound, which equates to a library noise level.

Ice productivity

In the end, how many ice will you need? Most portable home ice makers produce 26 pounds of ice in one day. This should be more than enough for households of four to six people, assuming there is no great need for ice. Larger homes or bars, offices may appreciate a more productive machine that can produce 30 pounds or more of ice per day.

Portable small ice makers: FAQs

Can the portable ice makers keep ice frozen?

Most portable ice makers don’t have insulation to preserve the ice from melting, so they cannot keep ice cold and frozen. You must use the ice or transfer it to the freezer or cooler for preservation.

If you don’t, the ice will melt inside the machine, but they will recycle the water. The water will slowly melt over time and flow back to the bottom water tank and create more ice out of it so no loss.

Do small ice makers use a lot of electricity?

At 350 kilowatt hours (kWh) for a month. For example, at a typical price of $0.12 per kWh, that would cost about $40 a month to run a small portable ice maker.

Ice machines consume less electricity than refrigerators because regular refrigerators have a larger electrical capacity, so they consume more electricity. Also, the refrigerator must be plugged in continuously to keep it cold, and the ice maker must be plugged in when needed.

If we force the refrigerator to make ice in bulk by increasing the temperature, shortening the ice-making time will lead to overworking. Refrigerators that use more energy will wear out faster. When worn, they consumes more power. Therefore, if used for small business or family, then it is best to buy a small portable ice machine.

Where should you put the portable ice maker?

You need to place the ice maker out of direct sunlight and make sure that there is at least 4 inches of space between the back of the unit and your wall. Also, keep a minimum distance of 4 inches on each side of your device.

How often should you clean your ice maker?

Once every six months, your ice maker should be cleaned and sanitized to function properly. Periodic cleaning and regular maintenance of the machine is one of the things that should be done for the machine to operate stably and for a long time.

The cleaning is also necessary periodically to keep the life of the machine and ensure the quality of the ice. This helps to remove lime, scale and mineral deposits as well as remove algae and slime.

One of the simplest ways is to clean the ice maker with vinegar. You need to create a mixture with a ratio of 1:10 of distilled white vinegar and water. Pour this mixture into the water tank to clean your portable ice maker.

What happens if you don’t clean the ice maker?

If you don’t clean it in time, scale buildup can cause ice to stick to the evaporator plates, which can interfere with heat transfer and lead to freezing, longer harvest times, reduced capacity and costly repairs.

Failure to clean the machine can also lead to dangerous slime and mold formation.

What is the best water to use in a small portable ice maker?

It’s best to use distilled or filtered water. This makes your ice tastier and also keeps your machine in good working order for a longer time. Some ice makers can also work with soft tap water.

If you want to use tap water in your portable ice maker. You must keep in mind that, use only clean, potable water or water suitable for drinking. The temperature of the water should be between 51°F (10° C) and 90°F (32° C). Also, you should change the water in the water tank every 24 hours to ensure a proper level of hygiene.

Can you put other liquids in the portable ice maker?

Using any liquid, except water, will damage the sensors and gears. Your portable ice maker will not function properly.

If you decide to use juice in a small ice maker, you will end up with a unit that won’t work. All portable ice machines are designed to work with only water.

Can I leave my portable ice maker on all the time?

You need to be plugged in and running all the time if you want ice. If the device is powered off, the ice will melt and the water will return to the reservoir.

You can choose to leave the ice maker on overnight or all day. However, if your ice maker works for a longer time, make sure it has enough water.

Can the portable ice maker be used outdoors?

The portable ice maker uses a standard three-prong plug that must be connected to a 110-120V outlet. A DC converter can be used to connect the device to the power supply in your vehicle. So, you can use your portable ice maker wherever power is available.

However, you need to know that the harsher the ambient temperature, the harder it is for the machine to produce and keep ice.

In addition, the portable ice machine does not need water lines. Instead, you simply fill the reservoir with water and turn it on to begin the ice production process. Therefore, it is very convenient for outdoor use.


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