Best Quiet Mini Fridges for AirBnB

Best quiet mini fridge for Airbnb

Mini refrigerators are necessary equipment for Airbnb to serve basic food and beverage storage needs for customers using the service. However, to increase the customer experience, you need to pay attention to the noise level that the mini fridge emits. If the mini fridge placed in the airbnb is too noisy, it will make customers feel uncomfortable and not relax. So, what are the best quiet mini fridges for Airbnb?

In this article we will analyze for you why airbnb needs a quiet mini fridge. Besides, recommending the best quiet mini refrigerators for airbnb.

Things to consider when buying a mini fridge for AirBnB

1. Size

Depending on the overall space of the room and your interior layout to be able to choose the right size. Moreover, the size of the refrigerator also greatly affects the amount of money you need to spend to buy it. This results in the more expensive the fridge, the higher the airbnb you charge.

If your airbnb room is large, multi-tenant, you need to choose a large refrigerator. Same with moderate size and small size. This helps the space fit, not feel cramped and secretive.

2. Wattage

To save money on electricity every month, you need to pay attention to the power consumption of the refrigerator. If you don’t consider this situation, your electricity bill can mess up your plans and calculations.

Mini refrigerators will use less electricity than a normal refrigerator. However, you still need to buy a refrigerator with energy-saving features to increase your profit.

3. Shapes and colors

The shape and color of the refrigerator really enhances the aesthetics of the airbnb room, creating appeal and can also be the point of attracting customers to your airbnb.

Start by choosing the style of room decoration you want, then evaluate the room, furniture and determine the location of the refrigerator to create the best harmony. The easiest way is to imagine or better be able to use assistive applications.

If you want to place the refrigerator next to the bed, you should choose a flat or cube refrigerator that will fit very well. Refrigerators with neutral styling are also well worth considering.

The general tone of the room you choose is warm, then a mini fridge with red, yellow, and orange colors is very suitable. If with cool tones, choose a black, gray or white mini fridge that will work best in almost any setting.

What makes a mini fridge best for AirBnB?

Under any desk or a small enough space like next to the bed, in the drawer of the airbnb room, put a cube mini fridge that can help you hold a few dozen canned drinks and some food. It’s also a great place for your customers to store leftovers for a day or two.

Even if an airbnb room in which the guest is not served uses the kitchen service, the mini fridge still provides equivalent utilities and helps customers feel more satisfied. Like regular refrigerators, mini refrigerators all operate the same, only this type is smaller and cheaper. Although small to fit in a small room, there is still enough space to hold a few lunches or a few canned drinks.

Mini refrigerator is a model of refrigerator at an affordable price and does not take up much space. It has a good interior layout, ample space for all kinds of food and drinks. Despite being small, with a mini fridge you will still have a large freezer compartment, a bag for personal items, a movable glass shelf and an affordable trunk rack.

Besides keeping food and drinks, you can use the mini refrigerator to earn extra money by charging a service fee to customers who use the items stored in the refrigerator.

You can use the mini refrigerator to earn extra money
You can use the mini refrigerator to earn extra money

How to choose the best quiet mini fridge for AirBnB

Before we go into specific types of refrigerators, we’ll give you the facilities you need to make the best choices. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following features to know how to choose the best quiet mini fridge for airbnb.

1. The measured noise level is small

Mini refrigerators will be less noisy and quieter than conventional refrigerators. Because the fan system is smaller, attention will need to be paid to the structure and strength of the motor inside the device. If you choose a quality mini refrigerator, you will clearly see smooth operation and help save energy, less need for repair.

You should choose companies that measure noise, preferably in decibels. Please refer to the reviews of buyers to make the most unbiased reviews.

Every refrigerator will have a certain noise. However, if the noise is loud and louder, it is very likely that the mini refrigerator is damaged or has a problem.

2. Online product reviews

One of my experiences when shopping for mini fridges is to look and read online reviews carefully before considering buying the product.

While it is possible that each review case is completely different, no certainty is guaranteed, but you will be provided with the most unbiased reviews of the product, notable features in terms of functions or fields. Especially the omission that you can’t read on the specs.

Note: You should consider buying a 4-star mini fridge with many purchases and 5-star reviews rather than a 5-star mini fridge with only a few purchases.

3. Warranty

This is a guarantee for you if the mini fridge has a problem that leads to noise and loud noises. It will be difficult if you are not a repair expert, so the warranty will help you. You should choose mini refrigerators that have a good warranty period and maintenance regime.

What makes the mini fridge so loud?

The most common cause of a loud noise in a mini refrigerator is a compressor problem. In many cases, it can also be due to dust and dirt sticking to electronic components such as the fan, defrost timer, condenser, etc., leading to the mini fridge emitting loud noises.

Sometimes, placing the refrigerator unbalanced on the floor is also the cause of the noise, not the problem.

Any mini fridge will make a little noise from the running compressor or the evaporator fan.

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Small noises are normal, but loud noises can have many reasons and you need to look into them quickly.

Do not buy cheap mini refrigerators that use poor quality electrical equipment. Besides, you should clean the mini fridge regularly. If cleaned periodically, a good quality mini fridge will not be loud or noisy.

Typically, a mini fridge makes a noise of 30 to 47 decibels. This range is so low that you may not notice the sound.

But if the noise is more than 50 decibels, the mini fridge is having a problem, for example: a compressor or condenser problem. Even sometimes the noise can exceed 60 decibels, which is quite loud. Loud noises coming from this mini fridge will affect your sleep.

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Why should we choose a quiet fridge for AirBnB?

The airbnb room is specifically for the purpose of relaxing and entertaining customers, so this must be a top priority. You may think that a mini fridge will never make too much noise, but according to our analysis above, you should still invest in a quiet mini fridge to put in your airbnb room.

Simply, the ultimate purpose of the service is for customers not to be annoyed by humming noises while sleeping or doing something.

Currently, guests staying at airbnb require quiet. Too loud noise coming from the refrigerator will detract from the great customer experience and make them uncomfortable, even insomnia.

The subtlety in choosing a quiet smart refrigerator will help you score points in the hearts of customers and also make them come back next time.

Quiet mini fridge enhances customer experience
Quiet mini fridge enhances customer experience

How to make the mini fridge less noisy?

To solve the problem, you must identify the source of the noise.

  • Unbalanced mini refrigerator: You can check the floor to see if your mini fridge is placed on a smooth floor.
  • The dust on the compressor, the fan: You should clean the evaporator fan and the compressor of the mini fridge.
  • Empty inside: Fill the refrigerator with food so that there is no noise. Besides, paste soundproof foam or soundproof material for the refrigerator.
  • Leak on the water supply line: You must fix the line.
  • Opening the refrigerator too much: Because opening the door often will make the air compressor work harder and make more noises.
  • Leaky water valve: Replace valve. If you have repaired it but the noise does not decrease, contact your service agent or a specialist.

Note: Lubricants should not be used on the fan of this evaporator as lubrication may damage other parts of the refrigerator.

Quick comparison of the best mini fridges for AirBnB

Product nameHighlightCapacityCheck Price/Buy
GE GDE03GGKBB Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Compact Refrigerator+ Clear Crisper
+ Can preserve tall bottles
+ Glass shelf
+ Partial automatic defrosting
+ LED Lighting
3.1 Cubic FeetCheck Price
Frigidaire EFR341, 3.2 cu ft 2 Door Fridge and Freezer+ Top Freezer refrigerator is more spacious
+ LED Lighting
+ Reversible door design
+ Stainless steel material type
‎3.2 Cubic FeetCheck Price
Ivation 101 Can Beverage Refrigerator+ ECO-POWER Technology
+ Super cool compressor
+ Black enameled exterior & stainless steel
+ LED light Set
+ Temperature & Light Preferences WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION
‎2.5 Cubic FeetCheck Price
Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer+ 2 door freezer
+ Temperature adjustment 7 level
+ Powerful compressor
+ LED light
+ Reversible door
‎3.2 Cubic FeetCheck Price
RCA RFR322-B RFR322 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer+ Reversible door
+ Temperature control
‎3.2 Cubic FeetCheck Price

Best quiet mini fridges for AirBnB

1. GE GDE03GGKBB Mini Fridge with Freezer Freestanding Compact Refrigerator

This is a quiet mini fridge that is perfect for your airbnb. With compact size, luxurious design, this is the best-selling mini refrigerator today. Separate freezer compartment with a capacity of 0.93 cu. ft. gives you enough room to store frozen food. Automatic interior lighting when doors open. The convenient Crisper drawer provides the ideal storage environment for fruits and vegetables. 2 glass shelves create convenience for food storage with easy-to-clean compartments.

In addition, GE GDE03GGKBB Mini Fridge with Freezer also has a partial automatic defrost feature. The fresh food section doesn’t freeze with the manual defrost freezer. The door holder includes a carrying case and a small box that is easy to find in separate door areas. High bottle storage capacity, freeing up valuable shelf space.

2. Frigidaire EFR341, 3.2 cu ft 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

The Top Freezer refrigerator is more spacious, the freezer has ample storage space that can be used to preserve ice cream. The door side provides a place to store baby bottles, juice boxes or soft drinks bottles.

LED lights make it easy to see the food. Electronic temperature control makes it easy to change the temperature as needed. The reversible door design allows the door to be set to open left or right, which is perfect for smaller airbnb rooms. Adjustable leveling feet provide convenience when placing the refrigerator.

With ENERGY STAR, Frigidaire EFR341, 3.2 cu ft 2 Door is well qualified for the environment and for your wallet. The fresh food section doesn’t freeze with the manual defrost freezer.

3. Ivation 101 Can Beverage Refrigerator

The polished stainless steel and enamel exterior blends beautifully with any airbnb room. Interior, soft LED lighting makes choosing drinks easy.

The compact design, reversible doors and adjustable stand are perfect for small and medium airbnb rooms.

The ultra-cool compressor operates optimally, while the energy-saving mechanism keeps the environment unaffected. With the Ivation 101 Can Beverage Refrigerator, you can set temperature and light preferences with the touch of a button. There are 5 different cooling points.

4. Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer

This mini fridge with two storage compartments at the same time is perfect for Airbnb. Adopt advanced 3D cooling technology and support 7 temperature setting modes. This allows you to adjust the temperature of the mini fridge according to your needs. Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful compressor that does not make too much noise and operates efficiently so you do not have to worry about noise at all.

Euhomy mini fridge designed the LED light inside the mini fridge. The multi-layer compartments and drawers of the compact refrigerator give you more choices. Reversible door design makes your mini fridge suitable for many different places in the room.

5. RCA RFR322-B RFR322 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

RCA 3.2 cu. ft. Mini fridge is a suitable choice for Airbnb apartments. Compact design takes up only a small space in the room. Equipped with a thermostat that can adjust the appropriate temperature according to needs.

A freezer compartment inside the RCA refrigerator allows you to make ice cubes. Reversible doors and adjustable feet let you tailor the unit to suit your space and needs. The inside of the RCA RFR322-B RFR322 3.2 Cu Ft is full width, providing plenty of storage space.

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The bottom line

A quiet mini fridge is a basic piece of equipment that needs to be equipped to increase bookings and keep customers happy. Hope the above article can help you choose a quiet mini fridge for your Airbnb.

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