Coleman Coolers – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Coleman coolers

You may not notice, but if you pay a little attention to the warehouse or storage room of the families you know, you will often find Coleman Coolers. Coleman is considered one of the most competitive brands in the cooler machine market. Out of the 10 homes surveyed, at least 2 are sure to use Coleman coolers. That popularity is due to the quality and efficiency this machine brings to users, especially for short camping trips or outings. If you love to travel and explore the beautiful scenery around you, you should own a Coleman cooler to make the journey more wonderful.

What is Coleman?

Coleman is a famous brand in the US, known as the leading name in the production of outdoor recreational products, especially camping and picnic support equipment. Newell Brands currently own the company. As of 2022, Coleman has 4 locations across the United States, and its headquarters is in Chicago.

Coleman’s outstanding products are sleeping bags, tents, portable stoves, camping chairs, rechargeable lights, and especially coolers.

Coleman products are created to inspire people passionate about discovery and travel. You only need a few minutes with basic operations to use the necessary utilities for an outdoor camping trip. Moreover, these products are always highly durable, with extremely compact sizes and designs. You don’t have to worry about your essentials when camping in deserted places like mountains, forests, and lakes because Coleman products enhance the quality of your adventure, turning it into a beautiful experience.

Coleman is a popular brand in the US
Coleman is a popular brand in the US

About Coleman coolers

As noted above, the popularity of Coleman coolers in American homes is undeniable.

Furthermore, this has spanned decades. Users highly appreciate Coleman Coolers’ incredible durability, good food preservation qualities, and long ice shelf life. Currently, the product has been sold in all stores, significantly expanding into the field of online commerce and entering the markets of European and Asian countries. The Coleman Coolers are praised and recommended at most equipment review sites. If you are looking for a cooler, this is a name well worth a try.

Imagine a sweltering summer; you are enjoying the comfort of the beach during a camping trip with family members. How great it would be to have a cool drink.

Moreover, this is also a device to help you keep food fresh and prevent spoilage during your camping trip.

Because Coleman manufactures a wide variety of coolers with different characteristics and features, therefore, before buying a product, you should learn about it and your needs to choose the best cooler.

Soft-sided vs hard-sided Coleman cooler

Soft-sided and hard-sided Coleman coolers both do the same job: they keep things cool. The most important factor when deciding which one to choose will depend on how you plan to use the cooler.

Besides, there’s a lot of other things involved, such as the things you want to keep cool, how long you want to keep them cool, and where or in what environment you want to keep them cool.

Also, consider the following factors before deciding to buy a Coleman hard or soft sided cooler.

Coleman soft-sided coolers

Soft coolers are best for daily basic needs

They are called soft coolers because they are not made of hard plastic. These coolers are versatile and perfect for everyday use. This is the type of cooler you take to the sports field, the gym, to work, school, day fishing, golf, and more.

Soft coolers are much lighter

The outer case is usually made of fabric or vinyl and is much lighter in weight than the hard coolers. However, they have a smaller capacity than hard-sided coolers.

With such a small weight, carrying around a soft-sided cooler isn’t that hard work and that’s part of the reason why they’re so perfect for everyday use.

Soft coolers are highly portable 

The exterior of the soft-sided cooler looks like a regular backpack. You can carry it around and the weight will be evenly distributed on your shoulders. This is a great advantage for soft sided coolers. Also, many of them come with handy shoulder straps.

Unlike hard-sided coolers that usually require vehicles for long-distance transportation, soft-sided coolers will go with you almost anywhere. Since they are strapped to your shoulder, they also free your hands to carry anything else you might need to carry. That’s what makes them so convenient.

Soft sided coolers are easy to store 

The soft-sided cooler has a small benefit you won’t find in a hard-sided cooler: it’s collapsible.A soft-sided cooler can be easily folded or rolled up for storage, which means it takes up less space when empty.

Coleman hard-sided coolers

Hard side coolers are best for adventure 

A hard-sided cooler is a great choice if you’re going to be in rough environments or need a cooler that’s exceptionally long-lasting when you’re on those long trips.

The hard cooler is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and keep your food and drinks cold for the longest time.

Hard coolers have better ice retention

Hard side coolers have much better ice holding capacity than soft side coolers. This, of course, depends on the brand. However, if you compare brands, the hard-sided cooler always have a much better ability to keep ice.

Hard coolers have much larger capacity

The soft cooler is designed to be lightweight and portable. It means they will naturally have a limit on how much they can carry. A hard-sided cooler, on the other hand, has no such limitation. A hard-sided cooler is designed to carry both food and drinks for long periods of time and will have a much larger capacity. Therefore, you should use a hard cooler if you want to store more items.

Harder coolers are more durable

Hard-sided coolers are more durable than soft-sided coolers because they’re made from hard, spinning plastic. As a result, they can withstand much more rugged environments than soft-sided coolers. So, if you spend a lot of time in nature, you should buy a cooler with a hard side.

Coleman cooling technology

With Coleman’s famous cooling technology, Coleman coolers are always among the most durable, best heat-retaining, and most reliable coolers in the world. Coleman is constantly innovating the products with the purpose of ensuring that food stays refrigerated until you enjoy it.

Coleman cooler will give you a superior experience
Coleman cooler will give you a superior experience


Storing capacity remains unchanged while bank size is smaller

With smarter insulation technology, Coleman has created a new generation of coolers that are smaller in size but retain the same storage capacity and ability to keep cold.

More optimal insulation location

Using thermal imaging, Coleman discovered that up to 60% of the cold heat exits the cooler from two locations: above and below the cooler. Therefore, Coleman has focused on insulation in these two locations to ensure the coldness of the ice.

Exclusive Technology Thermozone

Coleman uses eco-friendly foam insulation that does not contain CFCs, HFCs, or HCFCs. All of these can deplete the ozone layer.

In addition to the main functions mentioned above, the Coleman coolers also come with small but enough features to see Coleman really care for each of its products to bring the best experience to users. Such as easy to clean, cup holders are integrated on the lid of the bin, wheels withstand high loads on large models, ….  Especially, with the effective UV protection technology, the cooler is safe from ultraviolet rays, which also causes plastic materials to become brittle over time. Besides, the Coleman coolers have long-term heat retention, up to 6 days depending on the model and conditions of use.

Some tips when buying Coleman coolers

Here are the notes that help you choose the best Coleman cooler.


Coleman coolers include two types of hard shells and soft linings. Rigid coolers will have a variety of sizes, which can be used with not too harsh environmental conditions. Besides, the company’s soft coolers will often focus on small capacity types; these are especially suitable for outdoor adventures with more complicated situations because of their better impact resistance. Also, soft chillers will be equipped with a dry bag and strap for easy portability. But be careful because the hard cooler will still come with a cup holder, and you can use it as a chair with a large capacity.

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Coleman offers virtually every size of cooler a user could need, from super large coolers like 120 liters to small 5 liter personal coolers. Choose a right one based on your usage needs. If you often have trips with a large number of people, from 7-10 people, you should select a large Coleman cooler; if the number of people is less, you can select a smaller one.

Whether it is a small or big size cooler, you can totally trust the machine’s performance because. As long as you store a certain amount of food and drink within the manufacturer’s instructions, the cooling quality of Coleman coolers is always at its best.

Thermoelectric coolers

Based on the size, manufacturers equip coolers with their cooling technologies to ensure that the right amount of food stays cold for longer and maintains ice for as long as possible. Therefore, coolers with a large capacity will be equipped with a thermostat larger than soft ones.

Therefore, if you need a long cold storage time of more than 24 hours, you should choose hard cooler.

What makes you choose Coleman coolers?

Customer care

Most coolers only have handles for carrying. However, carrying it with one person is very difficult and heavy for large-size coolers. For sale, Coleman coolers will be offered with large models equipped with castors and zipper caster wheels. This makes commuting much more convenient

Many designs and colors

You will have lots of choices. Coleman coolers come in various colors and design combinations that are very subtle. You can easily find bright colors to simple luxurious colors.

Many Coleman coolers are designed with wheels and handle that make them convenient.

Add-ons included

If you notice, Coleman coolers will have many features to increase the product’s utility. Such as cup holders, book string, and dimensional control handles. In addition, they are very sturdy. Some of you can even sit or stack them to save space. This is especially relevant for those who often use coolers when fishing.

How to increase the performance of coolers

Pre-chill your Coleman cooler

The pre-cooling process is very helpful for the proper start-up of your cooler. This causes the temperature inside reach to “lower level” and then maintains the coolness to chill what you put in it.

If possible, pre-chill anything before you put it in the bin. You just need to freeze them in advance, they will keep the drink cool.

Keep the container cold by using a box of dry ice and ice cubes. Block ice will take longer to melt and cube ice will cool things faster. Fill the bucket with clean ice after adding food and water.

Keep the cooler clean

Clean inside and out. Clean with a solution of mild soap and warm water, especially the first time you use it. For higher cleaning needs, mix water with bleach in a ratio of 6:1 to clean. You need to use rubber gloves to protect your hands.  To remove stubborn stains, use baking soda and water to clean the inside. Clean all interior buffers and rims and borders. You need to remove unpleasant odors with a diluted solution of chlorine and water. Always dry the insulated bin and lid before storing items. This helps to reduce the risk and growth of mold.

Do not drain the water out

Ice will last longer in the cooler with cold water.

Avoid direct sunlight

Close the lid tightly and keep the cooler out of direct sunlight when possible. Although our coolers insulate very well, direct sunlight will cause ice to melt up to 50% faster.

Quick to enter and take out

Every time the lid is opened, the cold air is replaced by the warm air. The ice is then used to cool the warm air stream. Limit opening the freezer and when you open the lid, put it in and take it out quickly.

Don’t overfill

When possible, the volume of ice should be twice the mass of the contents. However. Do not overfill the cooler because broken hinges due to over-stuffing are not covered by the warranty.

How to smartly arrange food items in the cooler

  1. Place the ice and other heavy items, such as frozen marinated meats and pre-cut fruit boxes underneath the cooler.
  2. Place fragile items on top such as eggs, salads, vegetables.
  3. Put soft, liquid items such as yogurt, ketchup, meat, cheese, … in plastic containers. Remember to close those boxes tightly.
  4. Fill the gaps between items by ice cubes.
  5. Prepare ingredients in advance. Rinse the lettuce and vegetables, then wrap them in paper towels and a plastic bag. Peel and cut fruit such as pineapple or watermelon, cut bell peppers into strips, and pack them in a box.
  6. Pack meat, cheese and eggs in plastic bags. The food will stay dry even if the ice starts to melt a little. You must make sure the perishable foods, like mayo, are kept very cold.
  7. Label everything. Once the boxes are clearly marked, the whole family can do things on their own while you’re out.
  8. To save space, remove excess packaging. For example: cut an egg carton in half if you only need six eggs, pack bacon in a plastic bag and remove the cardboard, carry just enough butter in the container, fill the spice box empty with ketchup so you won’t have to carry the whole jar.

Are Coleman coolers expensive?

Usually, good coolers are expensive. To say if the cooler is good, you need to evaluate how long it has the most effective and durable heat retention or in other words the thickness of the coolers. This is the main factor that helps coolers increase the longest time keeping ice frozen. With such a small factor, genuine coolers cost from several tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars.

However, with a higher and more expensive selling price, the current line of coolers also offers the ability to use. Functionality when brought into natural picnic environments to a higher level.

Coleman’s hard sided coolers go as low as $15, with many rugged models costing $25 to $75. Higher-end coolers cost between $80 and $150. Coleman soft coolers cost as low as $20 and as high as $70-80.

The durability when using these products is also excellent when we have from 12 hours to several days of outdoor picnics.

Types of Coleman coolers

Small coolers (From 3.8 to 16 Quarts)

The size of the cooler shows how much stuff you can fit inside, so it also shows how many days it can be used for a trip or for a group of people.

With coolers from 3.8 to 16 Quarts, they have capacity to hold from 5 to 10 cans of water, suitable for individual needs, for drinks, snacks, fruits, and soft drinks or preserve and repair, food for children during trips, picnics, travel, camping…

Small coolers will be very suitable when you have to move or leave them in the car for convenient use at any time.

Medium coolers (26 to 55 Quarts)

If the small Coleman coolers are suitable for individual needs, the Coleman models from 26 to 55 Quarts are the ideal choice for families and groups of friends when participating in outdoor activities.

Coolers around 26 – 30 Quarts are suitable when carrying drinks for a few people, or food for two on an overnight trip.

Available in sizes from 38 to 55 Quarts can serve one person for a few days or for two people for a weekend.

The 66 Quarts coolers can meet the needs of weekend camping trips for a group of 4-6 people.

Large coolers (from 57 to 156 Quarts)

Larger coolers can hold more items, suitable for large groups, long trips, go fishing at sea or use in hospitals, restaurants, …

But due to the large size, it tends to be difficult to transport and is mostly used for special purposes.


Above are all what you need to know before buying a Coleman cooler. Of all the models on the market, Coleman coolers always assert their values. The company continues to promise to bring users the best consumer experience towards a breakthrough in product utility.

If you require a cooler for yourself and your family, we recommend purchasing a Coleman cooler. However, remember to be reminded to choose a cooler model that suits your needs and purposes, especially in terms of volume. If you choose a cooler with an inappropriate capacity, it will bring a lot of trouble and discomfort.


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