Best Mini Fridge for Semi Trucks

best mini fridge for semi trucks

Are you looking for best mini fridge for semi trucks, or just wanting to know more about this modern device? You’re definitely in the right place. This article will help you a lot!

Explore tips to find best mini fridge for semi trucks.

Mini fridge is a great device for semi trucks

What do you think is the most important thing in driving semi trucks? Of course, safety, there’s no comment here. However, on the emotional side with many asked drivers, their priority is comfort. This wonderful feeling will make them more insight and calmer to cope with all problems happening when they are driving. But how to make drivers comfortable? It’s obviously not a hard question.

Thank God, now we have many compact modern devices helping our life become more convenient even when traveling. Mini fridge is one of the top ones. There are a couple of reasons.

Good preparation for a long journey

Semi trucks are used for transporting a huge amount of goods from one location to other locations and normally with long distances. Therefore, it takes time, days or months.

With such long journeys, there are definitely many rest spots to have meals, buy food and drink and take a rest. But many troubles about bad food quality, unreasonable price or goods that are not diversified may turn up and make drivers unpleasant. That’s why good preparation for a long journey really makes sense.

Think about your favorite food and drink or delicious dishes made by your wife and the feeling of being at home with such amazing food even though you are on a long journey. All you need is just a mini fridge. What a simple solution!

Save your time

Along with preparing food and drink for your journey, a mini fridge also saves your time. You can stop anywhere allowed to have a meal with food stored in your lovely fridge. You don’t have to find a rest spot, park your grand truck and go around to determine what to eat for your meal anymore.

Furthermore, best mini fridge for semi trucks will help you store local specialties you buy on the course, keep them fresh to become a nice gift for friends and family.

Best mini fridges for semi trucks on the current market

If you still need some recommendations for the best mini fridge for semi trucks to add to your cart, here are 5 options for you.

‎1. Norcold NRF30 Portable Fridge/Freezer, 30L: Best for durability

If you want a mini fridge which is durable and anticorrosive, the NRF30 from Norcold brand is exactly an ideal choice for you.

Thanks to the high quality plastic making the exterior of this model, it is sturdy and can stand strong forces. This product has two removable handles for heavy duty and at the same time a hinge cover which is reversible and removable too. You can put it in your vehicle and drive through bumpy roads without any worries about its operation.

This product offers you two separate areas, refrigerator and freezer, to store food and drink. Morovers, an electronic control panel also helps you easily adjust temperature, making this Norcold NRF30 suitable for various storing demands.

2. Whynter FM-45G 42L Portable Refrigerator: Best for freezing function

A mini fridge for freezing only is a common choice of many semi-truck drivers. If you are one of them, take a look at the Whynter FM-45G 45 Quarts mini fridge. The compact size of 16.5 x 23.5 x 20.5 inches will not take much room in your vehicle but is still capable of storing up to 60 cans of drink for serving a long journey.

Range of temperature of this product is from -8°F to 50°F. At the same time, its “Fast Freeze” mode also helps you to cool food and drink to -8°F more quickly than other common products.

3. Alpicool CF35 Portable Fridge 35L: Best for quick cooling ability

Another choice of best mini fridge for semi trucks is model CF35 from Alpicool. This product is a favorite option of many customers thanks to its quick cooling ability. According to the manufacturer, it takes 15 minutes from 77°F to 32°F, 30 minutes from 32°F to 10°F and 1 hour from 10°F to -4°F.

Removable heavy-duty handles and a hinge cover are designed well to make this product compact and sturdy even when it’s on bumpy roads. With a small electronic control panel outside, you can easily adjust the temperature to your desired one.

4. VBENLEM 55L Portable: Best Budget Friendly

This can be another good choice for semi-truck drivers as the capacity is large enough to keep 60 cans of 330 ml, 36 bottles of 550 ml drinks, and 18 bottles of 750 red wines.

It is easily controlled with the supports App for both Android and iOS. Food will stay in good condition of temperature from -20℃ – 10 ℃ (or -4 ℉ – 50 ℉). On the control panel, you can set the desired temperature and take a look at it any time. This fridge freezer is also managed by the “Car Fridge Freezer App”.

In addition, it is sturdy and portable with corrosion-proof plastic exterior, thick and high-density foam insulation which can preserve food and drinks cool and fresh for long journeys.

5. Euhomy Refrigerator 45L: Best Overall

This powerful RV refrigerator has dual storage area, with the freezer to keep variety of food. It can hold up to 46cans cola, or 28 bottles water or 15 bottles red wine. which fully the truck driver’s needs.

It is equipped with 3D refrigeration technology and a powerful compressor for fast cooling. Certified with UL energy-saving, it consumes very low energy. Besides, it operates silently with the noise of 40 decibels, so drivers can enjoy quiet and comfortable environment.

The Euhomy fridge also has LCD panel and Bluetooth connection, temperature can be adjusted and seen on the control panel. It offers one year of quality assurance.

Tips to choose best mini fridge for semi trucks


Nowadays, you have many choices of capacity when considering a mini fridge. They are from 0.9 cu ft (25 liters) up to users’ purposes or room for storing. In the case of semi trucks, this grand vehicle gives you much room for stuff and devices. Hence, you can install even a 3.4 cu ft mini fridge (about 90 liter) with dimension (LxWxH) 19.5×18.9×31.5 inch for instance.

Find your demand for food and drink. If you have to spend many days on the road, why don’t you choose this biggest capacity?

Electricity consumption

This factor may be the most common concern when choosing a mini fridge. Good news is that technology in the mini fridge is improved as an effort to get rid of this biggest concern of most consumers. You will be assured that it’s save-energy with the newest moderns on the current market if they go with Inverter technology.

In the case of a 90L mini fridge, a non-Inverter one will consume about 0.63 kW per day. But with this technology, electricity consumption will go down to 0.44 kW per day.


Last but not least, the quality or durability of a product is always important. It will decide how long you can use this product. Therefore, choose the right supplier for this product, consider carefully when buying cheap or second-hand products. High quality products can not be cheap. But it’s definitely a smart investment.


With a lot of useful information, hopefully this article gives you a clear direction to find your best mini fridge for semi trucks. Thanks for reading!

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